Whats with the crappy wheel motors???

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by dc33, Nov 11, 2010.

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    I have a VERY well maintained 07 Super Z that at 2150 hours last year had a wheel motor BOLT, that attaches to the wheel, snap!! Ok everything over time can wear or be just a fluke. Then this year its happened on the other side at 3147 hours a few weeks ago, then AGAIN yesterday at 3212 hours to the one that snapped last year!!! WTF!!! I dont abuse it, I dont ramp it off of curbs, I dont even mow commerical and go full out on rough land. I baby this thing and these things are snapping like crazy and at $800 a pop to fix I am pissed as hell.
    Is this a Hustler only problem?? Clearly its past the point of passing it off as just a bad batch of motors that quailty control missed.

    And who do I need to talk to at Hustler to get someone to stand behind their product and make this right? I know its out of warrenty and stuff wears out, but this is BS. Ive had wheel motors go bad in the inside before on other makes and even a previous Hustler, but a reaccurring snapping bolt is completely unacceptable. :nono:

    I do have nothing but wonderful things to say about my dealer that for years has always taken amazing care of me when the poop hits the fan and has me back out mowing usually in a few hours :)
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    Good morning,
    If you can email me your information and your model and serial # along with your dealer information, I can have our regional service manager take a look into this.

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    This is for those reading this so they don't get the wrong idea about Hustler machines. I use Exmark/Toro but wanted to set the record straight. I think I read the post right.

    3212 hours in 4 years and you don't mow commercial, eh? That's some home lawn!

    I'd say over 2,100 hours before a shaft/bolt failure is something most commercial mower manufacturers would be proud of and most users would satisfied with. I say there are unrealistic expectations here. That's enough time on a machine that size to mow maybe 6000 fair sized suburban lawns, or generate over $200,000 of revenue with the machine.

    So, after generating $200,000 of income, a $8,000 machine needs a $800 repair. Sounds pretty good to me. I'd consider a mower with that many hours ready for a junkyard and be glad it made it that far.
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    This is my very first post on this forum and to be perfectly frank, probably the thread that convinced me to by a Hustler today!:usflag:(serial # 110205XX) I could only hope that my new SD will perform so well. Did add the flex forks and suspension seat. Can't wait to get it off the trailer tomorrow and "play" with it. Of course the "made in the USA" label may of had a small bit of influence also. I so love the power of free speech, thanks dc33Thumbs Up.
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    In dc33 defense I have a super z with 450 hours on it and have had 2 bad wheel motors one covered by warranty one not. The wheel motors are the weak link. But I would'nt complain if I had those kind of hours on my machine.

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