What's With The Scag Velocity Plus Deck?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by CraigPLC, Aug 12, 2013.

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    I was told that on the Velocity deck, the blades sits down below the baffle and cuts the grass before the baffle can lay the grass over. Unlike my Exmark where the blades are behind the baffle. I suppose thats why Scag has an adjustable baffle that you have the ability to tailor your style of cut. Also, I was told that with the Velocity deck/baffle design that sometimes the grass will shoot out of the front of the deck; and in dusty conditions, shoots dust out in front and ends up all over the operator.
  2. kawakx125

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    you were told correctly
  3. kawakx125

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    Do you guys think it would adversely affect cut quality and dispersal if I cut out those 2 gussets at the rear of the check between the blades? Seems to me that's where all the grass collects
  4. Big Dog Diablo

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    I have a Big Dog Diablo (made by Excel who make Hustler) and while it does have a different deck than the Super Z I have been having trouble with cutting crab grass. I keep having these few pieces (I call them seed heads, about 10" tall with a bulb at the top) that the mower lays them down and never cuts. After a few hours and I come back by the property they are standing nice and tall again. I also have a Snapper SW30 52" that has no problem with this. Now by what I have gathered the deck on the BIg Dog is the same as the old Hultler's (pre slope nose) After studying the deck on the Snapper I noticed the front of the deck is actually cut shorter than the back and the blades actually hang down below the front of the deck about an 1/8". I then installed 1/4" spacers in between the blade and spindle on the Big Dog and now my blades are below the front of the deck. I mowed with that setup yesterday and it made a huge difference. Just thought I'd share that.

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