Whats with this foam?

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    Mixed a tank of spray today, 200 gallons. In that I used my normal 960oz of Ferromec, 300oz of Trimec 992, 50lbs of Urea but added 9qts of Magnify. I use Magnify all the time in my back packs but this is the first time I have put it in my spray tank. All I can say is that it foams up and FAST when I start agitating. Any tips or tricks to get rid of it?
  2. kbrashears

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    Yeah. Anti-foaming agent.
  3. WestGaPineStraw

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    JDL Sells antifoam and so does Agrium i believe

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    Is it expensive
  6. bug-guy

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    no JDL sells recede
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    Did you use 2.25 gallons of surfactant?
    2.3 gallons of Trimec?
    7.5 gallons of Ferromec?

    It sounds like way too much to me. Its enough for about 300,000 sqft. Are you spraying at about 7 tenths of a gallon per 1000 sqft? Is this a skid sprayer or boom sprayer?
    Surfactants are usually mixed according to the volume of solution--not by square feet. Normally used at about one-half percent, which in 200 gallons would be one gallon. An anti-foam product would be a help.
    You cannot mix a skid sprayer the same way you mix your backpack sprayer.
    Sounds like you are mixed at about triple strength.
  8. cwc257

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    1 gallon per/Ksqft? Do you run across the lawn while pulling hose? That's a pretty hot rate. I run 2G per/K, and think that's about normal for most applicators.
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    Look like 1gal per k...seemed hot when I first looked.
    I run my skid at 1 gallon per k. Flow is 2gpm.
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