What's Working In Local SEO?

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    Over the past few years I've managed to rank #1 for a number of home-improvement and landscaping websites. Nowadays though, it's much harder.

    The following website typifies the 'no rhyme or reason' trend ...

    Step forward LondonDecking.com (I have no affiliation)

    > According to Majestic SEO/Open Site Explorer and co. this website has a weak backlink profile.

    > Minimal social media Shares, Likes, Pins, etc.

    > It's thin.

    Yet this site ranks #1 for it's primary search term. The site on my signature is new and lacking in the criteria outlined above. However, there are similar examples in my locality.

    I have theories about this sites ranking well, but I'd appreciate the feedback other SEO's on the forum.

    What's working for you in local SEO?
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    To rank in the pack you need a squeaky clean citation profile and strong local onsite indicators. If the market is competitive then you need citation volume as well.

    Onsite SEO

    Fresh content. Really big. New sites often rise then fall. Keep your site changing.



    But I try really hard not to play the "why do they rank" game. Too frustrating.
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