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Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by nitro121, May 26, 2008.

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    I borrowed my father in laws Karcher 5hp residential power washer. He gave me a quick run through on using it and he told me it was messing up.

    When you spray it:

    1. sometimes there is like no pressure....just what is coming through the hose.

    2. sometimes water comes out in a spiral pattern

    3. sometimes it just works fine and there are no problems.

    Can you help diagnose the problem? It might just be shot and need to be replaced.


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    Gary, since like most people on this forum you did not post specifics, like model numbers. I will give you some general possibilities based on your description.:rolleyes:

    A) Possibly an obstruction in the wand or tip. If this is an adjustable wand (no replacement tips) you can take the small wire cleaning tool that should have come with this pressure washer (ask father in law) and probe through the orifice. It should have a "hex" fixed orifice, that can be removed with the proper Allen wrench. Back flush with your garden hose to help clear debris.

    B) Remove the wand (if possible) and check the filter screen.

    C) Check the filter screen where the garden hose attaches to the pump.

    A) Inadequate water supply from the spigot or air trapped in the pump. Follow owners manual to purge.

    Couple of possibilities here, but stick with the above simple checks and work forward.

    Like your first question, but without a tach. and pressure gauge, its hard to tell. Good luck.:)
  3. nitro121

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    that covered all the bases. It could be the spigot pressure, we run on wells.

    Thanks again. :clapping:


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