Whats wrong with me?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Doogiegh, May 31, 2003.

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    Boy am I feeling lousy. I took Wednesday thru Friday of this week off from my regular job so I could catch up on lawns since I cut very very few over the Memorial Day weekend due to horrible wet weather.

    Wednesday figures it rains. That's when I cleaned up my shop, sharpened blades and decided to paint my ZTR - see thread about Before and After pictures. I went out and got 1 cut and then a downpour occured out of no-where so I said forget it.

    Thursday, beautiful day. I go out and do my thing, feeling oky doky. By about 3:00 pm, I had 8 or so done, with more to go and I felt soo weak. It was 79 degrees out and I'm in jeans not even breaking a sweat. Instead, I have the chills! Drank plenty of water and gatorade all day, but still felt totally lousy. Went home by 3:30 with much work left to do, took a shower and fell asleep thru and until Friday morning.

    Woke up Friday, another great looking day outside. Plenty to get done, but couldn't get going. Took my temperature, it's 102.5! Ack! Had the chills again and felt a little nautious but not too much. I took my usuall Allegra-D for the allergies and 2 advils. Not more than 50 minutes later, I'm up and running around to get dressed cause my temp is down to 99.3 and I'm feeling great. Didn't get to go out until 5:00 pm, worked until dark and got 3 bigger ones done and I was thrilled. Took my 2 advils every 4 hours though yesterday and felt oky doky whenever they were in my system.

    Today, it's going to pour BIGTIME here in NJ in about 1.5 hours. (at 12:00 noon) All day and into tommorow it's going to be bad. Woke up about 9:00, had a headache like I was recovering from a wedding hangover, temp back up to 101.5! Just took my 2 advils about 90 minutes ago and sure enough I can feel my temperature lowering again as now instead of being cold, I'm sweating a little inside the house typing this and it's only like 67 degrees out.

    So do you think I have the flu? Anyone have this before? Could it be I have a touch of carbon monoxide poisoning as the systems for both the flu and carbon monoxide are about the same.

    I have not puked. My throat and eyes and ears feel fine; nose is a little congested but I have allergies and the allegra takes care of that every day anyway. I haven't been nautious at all in the last 36 or so hours. But the damn fever keeps going way up into the 101-102 area and then with advil it goes down.

    Any ideas, other than go to a doctor? <G>
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  3. a1 lawncare

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    nelbuts, i started to do that but i just couldn't, hope you get feeling better soon doogiegh......................
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    Re: Whats wrong with me?

    I'd say asking lawn guys about medical is one thing wrong. I'm sorry you don't feel well, but nut up and see a Doctor. Good luck.
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    I feel your pain. I got sick on our Victoria Day long weekend. It was the same symtoms you had. I was wearing a jacket outside mowing, but it was 25-28 degrees celcius ( about 80-90 Farenheit). At night I'd wake up with a high temperature, and sweating like crazy. It lasted a good week, but I think the reason I stayed sick was because I kept working. We were behind because of the holiday, so I wanted to help get caught up. My word of advice is get someone to do your mowing and take it easy until you get better. Maybe go see a doctor ( try find a cute female doctor, it doesn't hurt as much when they give you a needle :) )
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    Thanks for the Sars idea, and although it went through my head, My lungs and breathing are fine, so cancels that out. And if 2 Advils every 4 hours lowers the termperature, then I doubt Sars would be that big of a deal if it was that easy. <G>

    Anyway, here it is 11:33 AM EST and I'm going out to cut before it rains.. Feeling better, but still knowing that the only reason I do is cause of the advil.. Gotta get cutting though!

  7. bobbygedd

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    were the lawns you cut just treated with anything? just a thought. a friend of mine would cut the lawn, even if the chemlawn truck just pulled away, and he would get similar symptoms. the doctor said it was "pesticide poisoning".
  8. CO.d 502nd

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    feel for ya i was cutting with a busted knee cap fell and smashed it on the dump bed while fooling with 44 gallon barrels.

    had to hobble a few days but walked the kinks out of it.Still a little sore though.

    Sounds like you got flu syntoms maybe but like somebody else said get to the doc soon
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    Had the flu 3 weeks ago. Woke up 1 morning ready to go, and felt like someone beat me with a shovel when I was sleeping, thought it was the wife. Went to the doctor, gave me some drugs and was feeling good to go in a couple of days. I had the chills too, but my head felt like a balloon and my entire body ached. I would suggest seeing the doc.
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    Hey, I'm not sure if we want a guy like you with some brains on this forum:D

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