Whats wrong with this lawn?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by QuadRacer041, Jul 30, 2008.

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    I didn't see on this thread anything about your general lawn fertilizer schedule, types of fert the lawn gets, or even what specific specie(s) of grass you have...

    But I CAN tell you that turf that is generally bombarded with 'quicker-release' nitrogen sources, such as urea, will often tend to fall into disease cycles such as what you're experiencing, particularly if they're over-applied by the applicator, or applied at points in time that doesn't make sense for the turf to respond to it...or even be able to store any of it readily.

    Essentially, hyper-blasts of 'N' serves to make individual grass' cell walls thinner and thinner...to the point where they easily burst at even the slightest provocation, or often at NO provocation at all.

    Over application of urea 46-0-0, or even the "standard" 1#/ 1000 rate/ round, has been directly attributable to higher incidences of brown patch and $$$ spot in many turf trails over the years here in the Midwest.

    I can walk down any street here in S. Ohio in late summer, and just about pinpoint every yard that gets regularly abused by high-octane N!
    Because, often, I see some of the trucks that pull up to them, and can discern the stuff they're using.
    Compared to others nearby who use a more balanced slow-release N, or organic program...those lawns (generally) look like hell by now!
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    Daconil lost it's residential label a few years ago. That included all of the generic & private labeled versions of Chlorothalonil other than some low level consumer stuff for the DIY crowd.

    There were some other "pre-packed conditions" that permitted some chlorothalonil to remain available.

    Before buying or using ANY chlorothalonil for residential use I would get the label owners signed guarantee that the labeled use is still acceptable by the new federal mandates.
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    Thank you. I looked at a label today and could not find any residential restrictions on it. I will look further into it.
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    Daconil is still permitted on trees and shrubs in residential areas. However, I have yet to find a current label allowing it on home lawns. If you can find mancozeb with a residential lawn label you are doing good. Otherwise, all of the legal fungicides are highly prone to resistance induction in the target fungi because their action is single site.

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