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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by AFS, Jun 5, 2014.

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    Hi,I was asked by brickman do service about 6 keybanks in my area for lawn maintenance and The Keys are weekly visits. That doesn’t mean weekly cut, just visit for weeding, patrolling and cuts if needed. i was wondering what to bid.Any advice and help is much appreciated.Thanks
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  3. AFS

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    Do i hear $2.00 lol :)
  4. ColliCut Land Mgmt

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    Might want to try providing some useful information for us to work with. Based on your post, I think you should pass it up and let someone else take the work until you learn a bit more. You don't want to hurt your reputation chasing work that you aren't prepared to handle.
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  5. jlbf0786

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    Just visit all of the sites (even if it's just a quick ride through the parking lot) and see if there's anything that may require more time/care/etc.. and factor that into this:
    1 ztr / 1 acre - 45 mins.
    1 walkbehind / 1 acre - 60 mins.
    Trimming: around buildings, beds, tree rings, etc. - this differs from crew to crew.
    Edging: (weekly/bi-weekly) etc.
    Pruning: 3-4 annually.

    Shrub/Turf fertilizer apps (if applicable): i recommend using a sub for this (only use subs that do not offer mowing, etc.) - obviously!

    *Winter Visits - (if there's a lot of trees you'll almost double the time on site for leaf removals & Parking lot cleanup of leaves)
    *Banks normally require snow removal for the parking lots.. and if they don't you can always add optional service(s) into the contract pricing for the consideration.
    * Aeration/Seeding - you'll definitely want this included. prices will vary so ask local LCO's for their opinion on pricing commercial sized aerate/seeding jobs.

    * You'll have a total of 43 or 52 full-service visits per year.

    I know it's scattered info but it may help you figure out whats included on most commercial property bids.

    If Brickman asked you to care for that many properties then you do not want to pass it up... they'll send you more and more as time goes on. Run with it!

    -J. Barringer
    Charlotte NC
  6. jlbf0786

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    I forgot about
    * Mulching/Pine Straw - usually it'll be pine straw, ranging from $6.50-$8.00 / bale (installed)
  7. AFS

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    I usually don't deal with commercial.These property's have been taken care of a guy with a craftsmen ride on i kid you not.I have a dump trailer and 3 walk behinds the lawns are not very large around here and i can use the weight loss.

    GREENWITHENVY1 LawnSite Member
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    Who cares what equipment the guy had! If the finished product was good then I can care less it was a (kid on a craftsman).!!!!!!!
  9. PenningsLandscaping

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    Just FYI for future reference, he's in NY, no one up here uses pine straw. You can't even get it at suppliers.

    Mulching is something you need to consider, however, if there's a local brickman franchise, they probably have a mulch blower and will do it themselves.

    Bid competitively, but factor in your time for the year. Expect to have between 30-35 annual visits without snow removal. This means early spring clean ups, and cleaning up late into the fall. Lots of cigarette butts and litter that may need to be cleaned up, if the lots are big, you may want to invest in a billy goat vac. Commercial lots get salted and sanded like crazy, so there will be a ton of build up from this. They expect this to be cleaned up.

    If you keep on top of the fall clean ups, it's easy to be in and out in a mowing service's time. That means weekly going through and sucking up all the leaves.

    You can't possibly expect someone to give you a price based on literally nothing, but you should be able to factor in your times and figure out what you need for the year, if you can't, you need to get help from someone locally and learn how to do bids. Lots of guys on here have great things to say about contracting with brickman, so if you can handle it, it may be a great oppurtunity.
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  10. jlbf0786

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    I believe AFS was saying 'it was just a guy on a craftsman riding mower - I kid you not,' not a kid on a riding mower.
    I wouldn't be caught dead on a riding mower maintaining a commercial property, probably not even on a residential lawn.. unless it was 100% necessary.

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