whats your brain say on this print job

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by tthomass, Oct 31, 2006.

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    ****5,000 Business Cards: Multicolor/Double sided (Non-UV, UV) 99.99
    Business Cards Design Fee 89.99
    Card Layout 19.99

    ****5,000 FLYERS 1/3 page (3.5" X 8.5"), (4" X 9") 249.00
    Flyers (1/3 page) Design Fee 89.99
    Flyer Layout Processing Fee 29.99
    Dye Cut on Cards 150.00

    ****5,000 4x6 Double sided Flyers 225.00
    Flyers (4x6) Design Fee 89.99
    Flyer Layout Processing Fee 29.99

    I'm trying to decide what to get.........4x6's are cheaper than the door hangers and I could mail to specific homes if need be. One idea was jsut get business cards and use labels printed off my computer listing what I am trying to target at that time of year and using my business card as the flyer.

    From approval - print - ship - in my hand...........3-5 business days from FL and I'm in VA.

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