what's your brand of motor oil

Just wondering for a couple of reasons what kind of motor you guys use in your koler engines. I had some trouble with mind droping lifters a year or so ago. I was using 10w40 valveoline. Then my dealer's mechanic told me to switch to rotella oil 15/40 . I've been running that ever since. I change my oil every week and oil filter every other week. So as you can see I use a lot of oil in 4 mowers. I want to buy my oil in a 55 gal drum this spring and I'm thinking about changeing. Rotella is almost twice as much as valveoline. Don't know if I'm spelling that right or not.
Eric and you guys tell me what you use.
Tell me what you use in your pumps. Dixie calls for 15 40 so I use rotella there too.


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JUst some info i have learned from experience.
If it is a kohler engine run kohler oil & filters. anything goes wrong under warrenty & you are not using it, no more warranty.
Also read the label. where it says type like ag & ac and all that stuff. kohler oil is rated the same as oil for a diesel engine. compare the kohler oil to valvoline & a diesel oil & you will see the difference. you are better to run diesel oil than oil you run in a gas liquid cooled engine.
I also switched all my regular kohler air filters to turbo cleaners & it helped the oil alot.
I change oil every 50 hours, I have 3 exmark lazers, a 1995 22hp 60" with 1750hrs, a 96 25hp 60 with 2350 hrs & just got a 26/72 with 248 in the 2000 season.
A really good oil I use is northland ..it is one of the best, but not in mowers.
hope this helps


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I was planning to use Castrol RX super 15w/40 in my 26efi
kohler,but the dealer told me I had to run 10w/30 or I would
lose warranty. This is a pain for me as 10w/30 is not a common grade over here.


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I used to run Havoline 10-30. I now run Castrol 10-30 and can really tell a difference. The Havoline seems to disappear real easy, the Castrol hangs in there. I run a Carquest filter, made by Wix. Ain't paying $10.00 for an oil filter!


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N.E. Wisconsin
Mobil 1 Synthetic.
All flavors different apps.

If they come off Gm's Vette line filled with it, its good enough for me.


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Northwest Ohio
1993 Walker w 20HP Kolher. Running Mobil 1 10w30w and NAPA oil filters,gas filter, and air filter. Have not had any problems so far. Engine seems to run cooler with the
Mobil 1 in her. To each his own.