What's your daily record?

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    I thought this was gonna be a beer thread.

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    I did 16 a few years back but had alot residential in it but do not remember the numbers last year largest day was cemetery - $450 , cemetery - $130 , Commercial - $400 , Cemetery - $150 , Residential -$125 , Commercial -$390 , Residential $160 , Residential $300 , 8 stops $2105 in one day solo , drove to first stop in the dark as soon as day break started , missed a good amount of trimming on cemeterys , but it was mid summer grass was not super high rained for a few days and had a really nice day had to catch up or lose billing , mowed till dark had two sandwiches a whole lot water and some fruit snaks to eat throughout the day, glad it rained the next day because I could barely move. Its a lot of money but would have much rather spread it out over 3 days than go this route , body can only take so much. I had someone suppose to help but they did not show , next time I am mowing in the rain. Lessons we learn the hard way.
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    30, all cut, trim and blow rentals. Varied in size from 5000 to 13000 sq ft.
    Me and 1 other. $1260. 67.3 miles traveled. Low 80s to start peaking at 98 with 92% humidity.
    Wanted to know myself, to set bench mark. I also remember that day because of our horrible smell toward the end and the dead, bloated possum smell, I mowed over in tall grass. Had a flat to boot.
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    34 with 4 people
    1 walker 48
    1 bunton 48
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    My brother and myself in an 8 ish hour day. 48" walk behind, trimmed, edged, and blown. Fairly tight route. 5k-7k sq ft lawns. We did 32 lawns at $35 average. So a gross of about $1120. 25 a day for the two of us really is pretty easy. We switch on each lawn as far as who mows and who does the trimming, edging, blowing. That's about a 30-35 mile route, round trip.

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