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Just got finished reading the &quot;SAD NEWS&quot; post by Rebel2002. What do you guys use to keep hydrated? I'm especially interested in you guys down South. Some days in Florida when it's 105 heat index and 100% humidity plain old water won't do the trick. I recently switched to an electrolyte replacement drink and I don't mean Gatorade or PowerAid, that's mainly sugar water. Its made by TwinLab and contains electrolytes and minerals to replace what you lose when you sweat. Also contains cell volumizers to help you retain the water you drink. In addition they add medium chain carbohydrates as opposed to simple carbs that pick you up then slow you down. Also some herbal stuff in there, not sure of its usefulness but I can tell you I never leave the house without it anymore. Energy levels are up, with me and my partner. Mood is better. Less fatigue, stay motivated longer, especially at the end of the day. I can actually feel a big difference. Much better than water. Tastes kinda like a watered down Tang. I add sliced oranges to improve the taste. <p>----------<br>Mike Reynolds,<br>GrassRoots Lawn Care, Florida<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: GrassRoots Lawn Care


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Ya the humidity is the killer. be careful with the herbal stuff. i don't know if it was they only thing that messed up my kidneys but it sure didn't help. Herbs are a duiretic(take water out of you for those peeps in ala and ark lol). I drink ,mainly lots of icewater


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I hated to read the &quot;sad news&quot; post.<p>for me, water is numero uno.<p>I use the sports drinks in the afternoons when it's really hot...and lots of water. <p>whichever brand of sports drink is closest to the front of the cooler. except for the blue stuff. if I'm gonna overload on food dye, I want it to be a real looking food dye like orange or yellow.<p>GEO


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Water, Water, Water, and an occaisional Gatorade. It sure has been hot here in SW VA lately.<p>----------<br>SMB<br>


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I am in central florida and I mainly drink water a lot of it but every once in a while I will buy the powder mix gatorade and put it in my jug. I drink more in the morning than in the afternoon seems to be hotter in the morning because it is wet outside and the from the grass is unreal. Well that is what I drink.<p><br>Exquisite Lawn Services<br>Cental Flordia


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Ive heard and had good results from a mixture of gatorade and water. Mix it at half strength. But your water jug will need cleaning each nite.<p>I use this formula during the hottest days only, otherwise water only.


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I live in south west Floida, I start out with a big bowl of ceral in the morning. Pull out a gallon of water out of the freezer, which is ice, since to me its always hotter around 8-10 Am, body is adjusting to heat index and temp is climbing about 10 degrees per. hour. Always bring extra shirts to change, sweat causes raw skin rashes.But I was told by a doctor to drink warm water, told me your body absorbs water faster or hydrate.If its hot out and your not sweating as much, time to stop and drink.We are made mostly of water, so thats what drink.But every day atlunch time I get a big carton of chocolate milk.<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: stick


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I usually drink Gatorade to start with, to fill my &quot;camel hump&quot; for the day.<br>When it's hot in afternoon, more gatorade will make me sick or get a headache, so it's water to the rescue. If it's not too hot, I'll drink a clear soda like 7up or sprite, & with meals too.<br>Sobe has some good drinks, too. I like the power drink with creatine.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<p><p><font size="1">Edited by: yardsmith


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Hey Mike,<br> It's mainly water and gatorade for me, but I'm interested in how well the twinlab stuff works. GNC has something similar that the triathaletes use. Let us know the results if you try it.<p>Bill<br>Central FLorida

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