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What's Your Drink?

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Greetings from the true deep south MISSISSIPPI. I'm a 17 year old redhead with fair skin pushing a lawn mower during the normal 95 degree 100% humidity. Yes i know, thank you for the sympathy sighs. I'm planning on going commercial with all the equipment next year so i'm doing research, but i think seeing as i do real manual labor every day i decided to try and share some insight on this topic i know all too well. My concoction is of course some water as a foundation. Next i add a 1/4 cup of sugar. And finally a bit of lemon juice to take off the edge. Yes i know, disgusting and unhealthy. But when you need a quick fix when you think you're about to die... its perfect. Just think of it as a &quot;SUPER LEMONADE&quot; southern style. Take it easy guys, and happy mowing.<p>P.S. any suggestions, hints, etc. on new business please contact me! Stealth_23@hotmail.com


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I've been using Sqwincher (www.sqwincher.com) this season instead of Gatoraid. It costs less and is much better tasting. If you call them, they will send out out samples. I prefer their Lemon-lime and Tropical Cooler flavors, and the Cherry isn't bad either.<p>Water is good and satisfying, but you need more than plain water when the sweat is constantly pouring off of you.