Whats your experience with college?


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Did you ever wish that you went to college? I know if I went to college I would not have very much equipment but I would have that degree. I hated school and did not want to put the effort into college, I would have rather put the effort into building my business. Which I did. I wonder if I would be farther ahead in life if I went to school. I have nice equipment that is paid for expect for my new truck. It sometimes bothers me that I don't have a degree in landscaping or somthing along the lines of the green industry. Whats your experience with college?


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My previous employer of 18 years had a program where they would pay 75% of college tuition. I worked full time and went to school at night. It took me 8 years but I got a Bachelors degree in business. Best thing I ever did, it helps me in my business practices today.


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I have been working for others and going to school till last summer. It took 8 years to get a Bachelors in Electronic Engineering. After I finished, I realised Landscaping is what like to do. So in my case it didn't help. I could have started years ago without a ton of student loan debt. Now I am refinancing my home to pay them off and get my start up capital. So I am now behind in my opinion. The only good that came out of it to me was that I have a Degree to hang on the wall and I learned alot of Hardscape over the past couple years in addition to the years of maintenance and softscape.


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I went to college in the early 80's. I majored in business. It means nothing to my current day business. I had Algebra, Trig, etc. I could not work an algebra or trig problem now to save my life. Back then I breezed through it. It was too long ago and irrelevant to most real world situations these days. Back when I was in college there were no pc's, internet, pda's, laptops. Man, I must be old.


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I went to college, complete waste of time I feel. I did get the best sleep though in the classes. College is too much lecture, and it need sto be more hands on

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If you can read this ...... thank a teacher

Than one of my favorite

A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education he may steal the whole railroad.

Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919) American president


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im in 10th grade now and plan on attending college. i need to have somthing to fall back on, as does everyone. its alwasys goof to have a back-up, incase you have a sudden change in career, or you just dont make it in this biz.


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I went to college. Got an education, and the degree I have is pretty much worthless. I happen to like school and learning new things. I still take classes at the local community college. I enjoy reading and learning. But the purpose of getting an education in order to get a job is not for everyone. I wish I had a little better idea of what I wanted before I went to school, wouldn't have wasted a lot of time taking classes to get a job. School isn't for everyone, and I believe many people don't need a full college education to have a job in this world.


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I went right into the car business after high school and It was the best thing I ever did. I was pretty "green" and after 3 years of selling I know more than I really want to about how people work in the real world. Plus I LOVE the car business and Its a job where you can go anywhere and make a great living. I feel that although you may have a degree, it does not mean you will be successful. Plus I'm very stubborn and did not want someone to teach me how to be successful. Over half (that's almost 50%, LOL)of all milloinaire's never went to college let alone graduated high school! They had an idea and ran with it no matter what people said.

In no way did I mean to be negative in this reply what so ever. Im not one of those guys who wishes they had and didn't. Plus I'm only 22, and was accepted to a very good private school, but to each his own, Im happy and that all that matters. And I'm spent! :D

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I graduated from college with a BS in Communications. I have to say that more than anything I grew up in college. I grew to be independent from my parents and learned to work for myself and not to please others. I am proud of my degree but I don't use it. I left the communications field because I hated it.....I am now a full time firefighter with a respectable part-time LCO business. I am a better and happier person because of it.

College was a great 4 years....great memories, friends and a great wife came from it.


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