Whats your method for planting shrubs?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by johnnybow, May 5, 2013.

  1. johnnybow

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    Im talking planting potted plants not b&b. I dig the hole, fill the hole half with dirt and then water. After watering, I fill the rest of the way with dirt and water again. Somwhere i read where someone cuts the roots on the bottem of the plant to promote new growth due to root bound plants in pots. Has anyone had any experience with cutting the roots? thanks john
  2. Joey waid

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    I have always scored the root bound root ball if any, and have had my help say they forgot to do it on the same job with the same root bound plants. I have yet to see any ill effects for not doing it. Who knows..
  3. ncnurseryman

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    It really helps to scratch up the root system. It helps the roots to make contact with soil to become established. If you plant a root bound plant with circling roots and do not break them up they tend to continue to grow in a circle and not become established. In most cases the plant does not thrive.
  4. Colaguy

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    I cut off about one third of the root ball. Dig a hole, ad an amendment like the cheap .05% compost/topsoil 40 lb bagged mixture to bottom of hole, ad water before the plant goes in, Then put plant in & pack with the above mixture mixed with the soil from the hole. Dig a lil circle trench around plant that will collect and keep water from running off. Then mix this product with water:

  5. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    I score the roots cut on 4 sides.
    Back in the 80s we planted some stuff at the shop. We scored half of them and other half just planted them
    2 things notice over the years before we pulled them out and replace them 5 yrs ago
    1- scored side was taller and big
    2- when we pulled them out ,the scored side pulled harder and other side pop out roots was balled up still
  6. Uponone605

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    I just dig a hole and throw some plant food in the bottom and plant. I never touch the roots with the fear of shocking it and delaying new root growth. Cutting larger plants back some before transplanting also helps it focus more on new root growth. For the record i have a good friend that swears by teasing the roots and i can never tell the difference between his plants and mine even when planted right next to each other.
  7. DalesLanscaping

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    NC Nurseryman - IS so right you need to scratch up the roots to take better in ground.

    This is what I have been doing:
    1 - DIG HOLE
    2 - Scratch up the root system after getting out of pot
    3 - spray the hole and root systems with SumaGreen Ag
    4 - put shrub in the hole (water in hole just before)
    5 - cover with good top soil (my soil from shop)
    6 - Spray SumaGreen Ag around the base of shrub and on top of shrub
    7 - water in for 5 -10 minutes

    This all takes about 3-5 minutes after hole is dug.

    Have only had one complaint about a shrub / tree that I have planted for clients.

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