What's your method of blade sharpening?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ConPro, Jun 9, 2003.

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    What's your technique, and how often do you do it? With all this rain in Pennsylvania it has been like a friggin marsh when I would get a chance to venture under the deck. I take them off and sharpen with a vice and a disc sander. I try for once a week, but that can always turn into 8 to 9. What's your secret? Thanks in utero.
  2. grshppr

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    I use a bench grinder. Not the best, but it'll do until I buy a proper blade sharpener. I sharpen every 4 days of mowing, I should do it more often, but never have the time. (Actually its a case of laziness and wanting to sit back and have a beer when I get home:D )
  3. CO.d 502nd

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    I sharpen two sets of blades for evey mower for every mowing day.
    Fresh ste goes on every morning and then another set on mid day.
    I sharpen all sets on my off day .

  4. SWD

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    I really do not have a set schedule of sharpening. I visually inspect the blade then check the leading edge. Any questions, off it comes.
    I used to sharpen with a 25,000rpm die grinder but as of last week, I picked up a used Foley United rotary blade grinder.
    Wow, what a difference - it is easier, faster, restores a uniform leading edge and foil and is much quicker to boot.
  5. I put three 14" blades on a chop saw.
    Pull the handle down to the stop and fasten it with a big spring.

    That 14" wheel at 3400 rpm is faster than any commercial blade grinder. Throws sparks clear to the ceiling! (probably not the safest thing in a post and beam barn.)

    If I keep the wheels dressed and don't force the blade they never turn blue.

    It's a lot easier to control the grind angle than it is with any handheld grinder.

    I've got to hog off a lot of material. A "set" of blades for me is 19 blades. They're 1/4" thick and 18 to 24 inches long.
    This is the fastest method I've found to get good results.

    But I've never used a commercial blade grinder. And at the prices they're asking I probably never will. I suspect this is faster anyway. I know it's cheaper. I have about $75 total in the chop saw & wheels.

    This saw is on sale at the stores for $49 I just bought a spare.
    Wheels are extra.

  6. crazygator

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    The price is not bad when considering the grinding that your doing. Also if you have not ever used one I think you should. It is that much better! :D

    I currently have a Neary grinder, but have the Magna Matic on the way, soon I hope!

    from AL
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    Mag 8000 universal w/balancer & stand & 6.5hp shop vac.

    Every 20 hrs.

  8. Last year we let the blades go 75 hrs.
    They were still cutting like new so we didnt change them.
    This year we are changing every day and sometime a 2nd set during the day.

    I just got the Magna-Matic Stand and Sharpener. The Mag-8000 will arrive in about 2 weeks.

    I have been using a bench grinder or an angle grinder.

    I think the Magna Matic System will be mutch better.
    All I nedd now is the Mag-8000
    I have the stand and the balancer and already got the 6.5 hp shop vac.
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    Myself and lgf and eveybody else want to see pics of walkers exmark's lazer z 's turf tigers you supossedly pocess.
  10. rvsuper

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    Where did you find that picture?

    I sharpen rotary blades everyday.

    shop 004.jpg

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