What's your minimum charge?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DBM, Apr 4, 2001.

  1. DBM

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    What's your minimum charge? Case and point, it's my first year and I was called to estimate cutting a yard which is a whopping 1500 square feet with no trimming, just edging is required. I bid a whopping $20.00. I cut 2 other lawns within 5 blocks from here.
    Earlier this year my minimum was $25.00 but I'm sure I've been underbid on these smaller lawns. What do you think?
    Like I said it's my first year. Although we've just started, we are legit (licenced and insured) so costs are greater than what the "scrubs" have.

  2. Esby

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    Not underbid at all. That area couldn't take you more than 4-7 minutes of mowing, considering that you may have a commercial mower. Edging goes pretty quick. So yeah, it sounds alright to me.
  3. AltaLawnCare

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    I charge a minimum of $25.00. It may only take a few minutes to mow, but travel time, load and unload, starting up the equipment (ware & tare), the time to schedule this particular job, collecting the money, depositing the money all has to be accounted for. I will consider this a "gate drop Charge", I may be able to do better if there are neighbors I can pick up.
    As far as scrubs go, if they are operating cheaply, then how fast can their mowers go ( not to mention cut quality).
    What a commercial mower can cut in 15 minutes may take a "crapper" 30 minutes to an hour to do - it comes down to how much is earned as to amount of time it takes to complete the job.
  4. NoDownTime

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    I will not drop the gate for less than $25
  5. ronslawncare

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    i charge 30 and up and every1 around my neighborhood thinks im exspensive i go one town away and people tell me im to cheap so not only size but what everyone else in that neighbor hood is charging.i got my first lawn last week 15 for the front to be mowed 75 for the back 90.00 total for mowing i go one town over i could get 125 for same size lawn..i get yo yos giving prices around here like 12.00 a cut so its really hard competion by me
  6. 1stclasslawns

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    I have 2 that I get 15.00 for but I am next door at larger accounts. They know I'll mow every time I am at the others.

    I dont drop the gate for less then 22.00. an Ive had them for years. Little old ladies that NEVER complain, zip zip blow Im done. "Oh honey that beautiful" I'm Good and I know it!

    Relly a new account no less then 25.00.


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