What's your minimum?


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Fruita, colorado
I think we've hit this before but couldn't find anything in the search. What is your minimum price for weekly mowing and trimming? I used to say $25.00 but I have moved it up to $35.00. Obviously there are lots of other factors that affect price: Location to other customers, obstacles, gates, etc.

Basically I'm looking at 1/4 to 1/2 acre lawns. Pretty straight forward to mow trim and edge. All zero turn possible. Just curious as to how you all handle your "starting price" as you approach a bid.



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I am not here
Good question. I think we should at least charge a stop fee for all the labor we put into a service visit. I believe $30 -$35 is a fair starting fee.


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My lowest lawn price is $14.00
This lawn requires weed wip maybe once every three weeks and no blowing. Its a piece of square lawn about 20ft by 15 ft. Just enough to make a nice turn with the dixie and three overlapping stripes and out of there in about 3.5 minutes from start time. It takes me more time to unload than to cut the place. If i had a hundered in a row i could cut them in an hour. These people are easy to deal with and i love the small quilky jobs that add up.


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yo bdemir--did you ever get the blower rotational problem fixed on your vac unit?



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Currently I carry a $20 minumum, which I believe is a tad too low. This next spring I will raise it to $25, possibly $30, I'll have to see.
I have a $35 minimum and $35/hour. I have one account that I charge $29/hour and if she adds anything extra we just stay longer. We average approximately 3 man hours/visit for that one account.

Spring Valley
(Located in West Central Indiana)


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I'm ashamed to say 20$. A lot of guys in town would cut off a finger to get my prices and I am low. However this area won't support much more. In my paper today an article on average wages stated that in the greater Seattle area their av. wage was 46k ayear where my area is 21k!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I guess I should be lucky to get what I do and at least I av. 42.00 an hour working by myself.


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Twotoros, don't be ashamed. It's the same here. $18-20 for 80x125 yard. Before I started my lawn business, I was making about $6.00 per hour. This is like a major raise for me. Plus I am working for myself.