What's your most interesting/best LCO story?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LawnBrother, Oct 13, 2006.

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    I'd like to hear you best or most interesting stories since you have been in business. Funny, scary, just plain crazy - doesn't matter! If it's good, tell it here! I'll go first. This one's a doozey.
    Last year in May I was called by an aquaintance who had a neighbor, we'll call this neighbor Jill, who needed a cleanup and mulch. Great I said, I had done work for her a year before so I knew it would be a good job. When I called her to confirm she mentioned her next door neighbor, who she shared a large bed and backyard with, may be wanting mulch also. Well, unfortunately money was very tight at the time and I knew I could only cover the costs for the one job, so I did not contact Jill's neighbor about the mulch, I figured I could do it after I collected from the first job. While we were doing the job, her neighbor, an older lady, 60ish, came outside and said "Oh, great I see you are doing the mulch, can you clean out this bed over here also?" I asked who she was and she intoduced herself as Betty and said that she and Jill liked to have everything done at the same time so it looked good all at once. I said I had not planned on doing the mulch for her and we were running out of time and maybe I could get to it next week. She begged and said she was having a party and HAD to have it done tonight. My helper and I scrounged up enough cash between the two of us to buy another load of mulch (we were BROKE at the time!) and I told her we would go ahead and do it while we were there. By the time we finished it was almost dark and was raining. We were soaked and miserable as can be, but I made a lot of money on the two jobs so I was happy.
    I bill out the two jobs and Jill paid right away. Nothing from Betty. After 3months of trying to collect on this job and this lady giving me the runaround, I decided to turn it over to collections, but first I talked to the aquaintance (also Betty's neighbor) and mentioned that Betty had not paid for the mulch that we installed. "Oh, you don't want to do any work for her", he said, I asked why, and........
    I'll let you read the rest HERE, it's one of our local news stations here in Cincinnati.
    I don't DARE to collect, for obvious reasons.
    Black Widow, you think?
    Let's hear your stories folks. I am sure there are some great ones out there!
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    Right thats two husbands that have died with shots to the head :cry:

    Mines a funny story my step-father was trimming away behind a shed to tidy up the place,when the guy that rents the place came running out of the house and yell out "you didnt touch the plants did you?" but it was to late my step-father had wiped out about 8 merry-jew-arna plants , he didnt know what they were,,,,,,,,,,,,the guy had a shocked look on his face,,,,,,,,,,,:laugh:
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    I had a new contract customer in the middle of June last year and she told me that she had about 8 srubs on the edge of her property that she wanted me to give her an estimate on cutting. The next time I was there I took my trimmers with me and gave her a quote. I mowed the yard and she came out and said go ahead and do it. I did and was finishing up the clean up and her neighbor came home and waked up and asked "did you trim these bushes"? I told him (really proud of my work) that I had indeed done them and he said "you didn't have to trim them because they are mine". He was a big dude and I said the homeowner had told me they were hers, and he said "no I put them in and I was going to let them all grow together and then square them off and make them look like one." I told him they were kind of like hair (he was bald) and that they would grow back. He smiled and then said "I guess they will" he walked away and then I thought I would crap my pants when the little 5'0'' 200 lb lady came running out of her house and asked me what he said to me and I told her and she said "oh i thought they were mine" I said well they are his but you just bought him a free trimming. She acted like she was not going to pay for his shrubs but I let her know that she was the one that agreed to the price and that she was the one that wanted them done and she was the one that was going to pay for it, and she did. Moral of the story is make sure what you are doing is your customers not the neighbors.....
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    This happened to a fellow LCO I know a long time ago. He had to drop a deuce late during the day, so he went in the back of a neighbors property in a dark location where he thought no one would find it. He gets a call a few days later. Guys asks 'Are you so and so?' to which he replied 'Yes, what can I do for you?' Guy says 'if you want to come and pick up your wallet, I have it......and oh yeah, be sure to bring a bag to clean up the s##t you left next to it.'
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    LMAO...that is too friggin' much! :laugh:
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    i knew this one was going to be good just after reading this-I was right

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