What's your oddest complaint?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BAMARED, Apr 4, 2002.


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    Mine came last night when a fellow called me telling me that the flyer that I taped to his mailbox left some tape residue after he tore it off. At first I thought this was some kind of joke or prank call or something, but the fellow was very polite and curteous and I could tell that he was serious. I apoligized and told him that I will immediately come over and clean off his mailbox.

    When I got over there I discovered that the entire mailbox was covered with pollen/dust and when he tore off the flyer it left a small clean spot on it. I just windexed the entire mailbox, wiped it down and went back to the house - smiling the whole way.

    Oh well - what can you say?
  2. MOW ED

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    I had a customer that was a putz and he confronted me one day after I was done mowing and he said that my string trimmer must be leaving oil spots on his siding.
    I immediately told me to show me where. He took me to the backyard and showed me small spots on his siding.
    I first explained to him that my string trimmers exhaust blows away from his house, then I showed him that his problem was not me, it was spider $hit.
    I hated working for that lazy idiot.
    He didn't even apologize for accusing me. I guess he felt like a horses a$$ anyway.
  3. Richard Martin

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    The oddest complaint I hear is actually about a competitor. His customers keep calling me up and asking me to come and bid the jobs. When I get there they explain that he doesn't bill them on a timely basis. Today I went and got one of this guy's jobs and the homeowner said that the guy had just presented him a bill for half of last years mowing for $550.00. I have gotten 2 of this guys jobs and another friend of mine has gotten 3 and all of these people are complaining about the guy's billing policies.

    SCAPEASAURUSREX LawnSite Senior Member
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    I had an odd one tonight... A client called and left me a v mail whinieng about something... I called him back and he told me He did not want any of my guys on his PREMISIS without him knowing about it.. ???? WHAT... Does he think we can mow from the street ???? The guy has a contract which outlines the services HE requested ... With when they will start and finish..along with freqency.. Tried talking to the guy to find out what he exactly wanted me to do and how to do it and he just kept mumbling ? He Said there was some kinda problem with this ?? he just kept mumbling and yelling , I could not figure what he was saying .. strong accent.. kept saying that there was a problem, Best is I havent even started there yet.. He was on the schedule for tomorrow for the first service... I told him to go get someone else to cut his lawn... Click.....
  5. bobbygedd

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    hello, this is mrs x, just wonderin when u guys were gonna finish my spring cleanup, there is still that old pool filter, washer and dryer that needs to be removed....
  6. mdb landscaping

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    My oddest complaint ive ever gotten was last year. I had a lawn that doesnt require a fall cleanup because of no trees, so the last regular mowing was around mid october. I waited till mid november to get one more mowing out of it to keep it nice and low for winter. So, i mowed it mid november, and the client called and said "why did you mow our lawn, its november, no other landscaper has cut it in november". They never gave me specifications for that, they just let me mow their lawn all season and never said a thing, didnt know i needed permission for which months i can mow it in:D
  7. the point man

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    Bobby, an almost identical thing happened to me a couple of years ago, and I immediately realized that I was at fault for not
    explaining to the customer exactly what I wasgoing to do for
    her. So I got a couple of buddies and we hauled appliances and
    trash to the dump and I reaped a nice profit. She is one of what
    I see as an increasing number of elderly, well-off customers who
    will pay the big buck to have something done right and done now.
  8. 1grnlwn

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    Last year I had a old guy who changes contractors every year. We did a great job mowing(his words). He did not want us to bag his leaves(has 3 100 year oaks) so we donned the doubles and logged a few miles in his yard. He would say don't mow over there just around here (the big part). I charged for the time I was there. We mulched 3 times last being last of Nov. Last time he says that will be fine, I said anything else? No, thank you. I hand delivered bill from previous time and left. Sent last bill. A month later I get typed letter from him saying I over charged him. So I printed all computer rec and got him straightened out. Called him in Feb. just to check in. He says Well I haven't called for any Quotes yet. Oh by the way the last time you were here your guy (I was alone) did not blow leaves out from under the bushes. My son was here and pulled 22 lawn bags of leaves from under the bushes. (Gee you think there were still leaves on the trees when I left the last time?) Anyway he says I want you to blow the leaves out from under the bushes before you mow every time this year for same price. I told him we would do about twice this spring and then again in the fall when doing leaves. He said he would let me know. He leaves message (since you refuse to blow under the bushes I have found someone that will). When I find out who is doing his yard I will tell them to charge out the a$$ for leaves because thats the last they will see of him. Oh by the way I hired a new man and he said Oh I know Mr. Lyerla I mowed his lawn 2 years ago. 1 year. You better call him and see if you still got it. LOL Sorry for the long sad post. I hate silly season.

  9. Ssouth

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    Sparsons, what you did (going back and windex-ing the mail box ) will be great word of mouth advertising. I don't know if it's a normal client or just somebody's mailbox you put a flyer on. Either way, what you did was to go out of your way to fix a problem. Small things like this seem trivial to some, but this is the best advertising possible. When this guy tells a friend what he did; they will laugh at him first and then ask who it was that came back? After that, you can laugh all the way to the house and the bank!!
  10. bobbygedd

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    now somehow i view that differently. i think it will go more like" that lawn guy, yea joe whats his name, he left a piece a tape on my mailbox, and i got the shmuck to come back and wax my whole box. " and now the next guy will expect, when he says jump, u say "how high?" i would have done the same thing, but somehow i think going out of your way like that for some a hole who is just going out of his way to disrespect u, will not pay off in any way. in my washing machine case, it was one of those peoplewho want something for nothing, she knew damn well i wasnt supposed to take that stuff, and, not stereotyping, but she had something stuck in the middle of her forhead, like a red dot or something. and she thought she had me by the hairs cus she owed me $150 for the cleanup. i was so mad, i said im coming right now to get paid, leave a check in the mailbox, or i suggest u have a cop there waiting. the check was there

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