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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by FL&G, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. FL&G

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    Was wondering how well some of the maintenance oriented software packages , such as Clip, worked for a small outfit such as mine. Are they worth the $$$ ? Or should I keep doing invoices ect. in Excel?
  2. out4now

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    After looking at the screen shots of Gopher I'd go with that if I were going to get back into the green industry. If you've already got Excel and can make your own sort of stuff that fits your company all the better. Paid for, right? If you were running a larger operation then maybe a different direction would be a better choice. I personally think Gopher would probably be the easiest to use. They have a free trail, maybe you should test it out and see?
  3. KINGjosh

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    I currently use gopher software. I have 89 accounts and i dont think i could handle all the scheduling and billing without it. Makes the end of the month alot more easier. Atoumatically calulate cust. balances, sorts invoices, late fees. Very nice software, basic version is all you need> I think basic version 2003 is only $199. best 199 youll ever spend!
  4. eruuska

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    What does Gopher do that QuickBooks doesn't? I've got QB and I like it a lot, but if I can get $199 in extra features with Gopher (or one of the others) I'd be willing to pop for it.

  5. KINGjosh

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    I can't say because I don't use quickbooks and don't know what it offers. I'm sure QB is better but isnt it like $400?
  6. KINGjosh

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    why dont you request a free trial from them. then you could compare for yourself.
  7. eruuska

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    QB can be expensive if you get the PRO version. The basic version is under $300 or so (I think).

    I've already got a copy of QB that I use for my current business, and I'm familiar with it and I like it. The only thing is it doesn't have industry-specific features like scheduling, etc.

    Are the extra features in Gopher or Groundskeeper worth the extra expenditure? I'd like to know. I did download the demo versions, but haven't had time to give them a whirl. Even if I did, I'm not sure I'd know what features are beneficial and which ones aren't.

    A little help?

  8. Team Gopher

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    Thank you everyone for refering us!

    Hi eruuska,

    Our goal is to save you time each month managing your company. The easier it is to manage your company, the more customers you will be able to handle.

    I think All Lawns & Landcare said it best

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