What's your opinion on TORO Walk-Behinds?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by G_Burleson, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. G_Burleson

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    I'm looking at a TORO walk-behind, and could use some advice. I've never made a big purchase like this, but really need to.

    Here's the info I've got on the mower:

    TORO turbo force 36"

    2008 model

    15 hp Kawasaki Engine

    Ride on Sulke included

    I called the guy and he said that a school purchased this new, but has hardly used it. They have used it more for riding around than mowing. He did not know about regular maintenance on it, which worried me, but said that there were just such low hours on it that aside from an oil change or two it hasn't needed much.

    He said that the mower was around $3,500 new. The listed price was $2,000. He said he would go down to $1,900. I would probably make an offer for around $1,500 and see where it went from there.

    I need the mower to last me three years, mowing 40 properties on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, from March-December. Is this a good investment? Do TOROs have a smooth cut? Are they dependable?

  2. ric1

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    A lot of what your telling us really doesn't mean a whole lot. A few things I would like to know is if it's a belt drive or Hydro? What kawasaki engine does it have? Is it a fixed or floating deck? What model are we talking about? Without that information it's hard to say what the mower is worth. I can tell you after 24 years working for the school system, You should be aware that mowers that are purchased by schools systems tend to be more abused than used.
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  3. Spring Valley Lawn Service

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    A new 36 inch t bar floating gear drive 2012 model is going to cast me 3599 without a sulky.
  4. ToddH

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    6 years ago you could get a dual hydro for that price.
  5. G_Burleson

    G_Burleson LawnSite Member
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    Helpful stuff, thanks. I'm going to call the guy tomorrow and I'll post that info

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