Whats your typical day like being a lco?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 94gt331, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. 94gt331

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    Here was mine today.

    First alarm goes off at 530am snooze till 550 struggle up and get dressed and ready for work.
    Get to the shop at 630. Get 3 trucks ready for all my guys for work today. Load up with all the tools for the landscape crew, maint crew and the lawn mowing crew. All guys show up give them there work lists and we all head out at 7am. Stop at gas station get the fuel for the day for everyone stock up on water and ice and snacks. And where off. I'm on the mowing crew today with a guy. Mow 24 yards today get back to the shop at 630 all the guys are gone for the day. Go to the auto store get some oil filters and brake pads and do some maint on 2 of the trucks that was needed head home around 9pm. Sit down and eat dinner and watch tv. 10pm go to the office, first things first, go over lawn lists and log all yards cut in log book for billing. Bill out for the 2 landscape jobs completed today. Unload any receipts from my notebook into the drawer from materials, fuel etc. Listen to all my voicemails and write down new jobs to estimate etc. 4 today to call back in the morning. Write up my work schedules and lawn lists for the guys and myself tomorrow, finally payroll needs done for tomorrow payday, write out checks for guys balance check book. Then i open my mail bills and some paychecks, get deposit slip for pay checks that came in for deposits tomorrow file paid invoices. finally done in office 1130pm take a shower. 1200am get on lawnsite and check out any new posts etc. 1215am write up my lame story for the day and now I'm headin to bed to snuggle with the wife and to try to clear my head for 5hrs. Lets hear yours!:sleeping:
  2. CreativeLawncareSolutions

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    Wake up around 6. Watch Espn for a few hours and head out around 8 am. Usually stop at the gas station on most days. Finish up my daily route around noon. Rinse, repeat. Oh...log that days work on to my Jobber account some time later that night. Jobber is awesome btw.

    That's it.
  3. KrayzKajun

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    Today i got up at 5am. Went to the gym. Home by 6am time to feed my 2 month old son. Now time to log jobs in from yesterday and return some emails. Me and my brother should roll out the shop by 8am. Have 7 high grass violation properties to mow, then switch out trailers, to go go bushhogging this afternoon.
  4. orangemower

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    The first thing I do is get up and make some coffee. Then I see if there's a breeze blowing outside. If it's calm I'll get the r/c helicopter out and fly it for a hr or so. After that, I get on the PC for a couple hrs. Once I get bored with that, I'll go out and play my guitar. When my fingers start to hurt, I stop and take a break. Once I'm bored with that, I'll figure out what I feel like doing that day. Anything else is business related.
  5. larryinalabama

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    Woke up at 5, its raining, woke up again at 6 waiting for the rain to quit.

    Actually in my world there is no typical day.
  6. pseudosun

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    Up around 5:30, strawberries and water. Eat 15 minutes later; very light. Catch talk radio and post on their activity stream. Spend too much time on the intenet. Bathroom break about 7:30:) Head out about 8:30 and do one yard to wake up. Take a break in the park; more talk radio. Then, knock 'em out.
  7. Caddyshack Lawn Care

    Caddyshack Lawn Care LawnSite Senior Member
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    I'm one of those guys most of you don't care for since this isn't my main job. I'm up around 6:15 and make small talk with the wife and kids while stealing bites of my wife's breakfast and some of her coffee. At the office by 7 where I sit on my butt all day. I leave in the early afternoon and am home 5 minutes later. It takes me maybe 5 minutes to change into my mowing attire and I grab a cup of ice and a quick bite as I'm running out the door. The trailer is already loaded so I only have to hook it up to the truck and head out. 40 lawns doesn't take up too much of my time, just a handful each day and I do about 2/hr solo so I'm home most days before my wife gets home, except for spring time. Yesterday I had the kids give me a hand so we knocked out 10 lawns in a couple of hours.

    Yesterday after I got home I *ahem* had an appointment with my wife, then watched some tv with her before taking off as they were going to bed. We have rental property and I had some repairs to do on a vacant unit so I prefer to do it at night.

    My wife lost her job last year so I'm trying to make up ground and have another PT job I work Friday nights and weekends. 5 hours Friday nights and 10 hours each Sat and again on Sun, so I try to squeeze some mowing in both before and after work. The job is incredibly physical and makes mowing seem like a vacation by comparison.

    I no longer have time for a lot of my favorite hobbies but I make time to have breakfast with my dad and brother Saturday mornings.

    I'm blessed that God has given me excellent health and a wonderful family to help me out.

    I look around this site and I'm frequently impressed with folks who work hard and work smart to make a living.
  8. larryinalabama

    larryinalabama LawnSite Fanatic
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    Yall fellers must be young!
  9. neblawncare23

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    Im the typical part time solo guy as well. Wake up at 7:15 am jump in shower, grab a bite to eat and am at work by 8:00am. Drive around in pickup half the day and sit in office other half. Get off work at 4:30pm, jump in pickup (with trailer and gear already loaded from last night) and head to my first lawn 5 min away. Mow 7 lawns a night in 3.5hrs (inlcuding dumping and blowing off equipment). Get home around 8:00pm take shower, eat, snuggle with girl friend, watch the news and am alseep by 10:30pm. And do it all over again the next day. Except for saturdays I wake up at 7:00am and am out the door by 7:30am to mow 11 lawns in a small town 20 min away. This life style keeps a guy physically fit and ur never bored.
  10. smallstripesnc

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    Wake up around 7AM and make a cup of tea and call the guy I'm in business with and go over our agenda's for the day.I then check oil in all mowers and air filters and head out by 7:30AM and blades on at 8AM at first lawn then home normally by 6PMish or so. I do around 10 lawns per day but some days I have up to 14 and some days I'm home earlier than others it depends on my route that day.

    Mondays I always fill up diesel and fuel for handhelds and mowers and weekends I sharpen blades.

    No day is ever the same.

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