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Wheel assist for tongue.


LawnSite Senior Member
Charlotte, NC
Hey guys, I would like to install a wheel that I can put down form the tongue of my trailer to help guide it into my extremely narrow opening of a garage. I have seen these before. My questions are:

1.)What are these called.
2.)How much do they cost?
3.)Is this something I can install?

I know I can install it more than likely, thanks for any help on this. I have 92 inches of space to fit 91 to 92 inches of trailer into! :dizzy::dizzy:

Normally fitting something so large into a tight hole should be fun, right? :laugh::laugh:

Big C

LawnSite Bronze Member
Gonzales, La.
Thanks GT!! I have a northern tool right down the street.
You can get a 1000# Reese from Lowes for $34.99....I have one on my 5X12 trailer and just bought one for my 6.5X16 trailer.