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  1. Level_2_619

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    has anyone have experience with the truper dual tire wheel barrows. im looking for some good quality ones for a good price.
  2. Restrorob

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    Good Luck !
  3. dutch1

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    As Rob says, "quality" and "good price" are mutually exclusive terms.

    Take a look at A. M. Leonard but the price may scare you off.
  4. herler

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    Here is my experience...
    Loading it takes some practice, they are not indestructible, careful throwing logs or rocks into the bucket.

    These barrows HAVE to be secured when traveling!
    The bucket is large enough to act as a sail and believe me it ain't much fun when that barrow comes off the trailer or truck bed airborne.
    Trust you me, it will happen, yes, even at speeds of 40mph or so it can come off!
    Good chance it will destroy the barrow, and on a bad day it could hit someone else's vehicle.
    So, secure them at ALL times.

    One more thing...
    And believe me I bought 3-4 of these two-wheelers.
    Great barrows but they have a weak spot, all of them, same spot.

    They're called tray braces, two on the front of the bucket, narrow flat steel pieces that connect the bucket to the two wooden handles.
    They aren't made stiff enough to support the weight, I can't begin to tell you how frustrated I was over this, all of them, and I mean every single last one of them these braces bent, and once they do that, the barrow is basically worthless.

    And I searched long and hard, bastards all want to sell you a dang kit that by the time we're done paying for that might as well buy a brand new barrow...
    It is a conspiracy I tell you, seemed like nobody wanted to sell me just the braces.

    Until I found the one place in the whole wide world that sells these...
    Capitol City Scaffolding & Equipment Company, Inc.

    They sell just the tray braces themselves, they're about $7,50 a pair, I ordered 6 total.
    I then took two and added them to two of my existing ones, in effect doubling the braces.
    It may sound funny but it works, and that fixed the problem.

    Lookie, lookie:
    You may wish to order TWO pairs per barrow just to be sure.

    They fit ALL true temper 8 and 10 cubic foot wheel barrows.
    But if you order TWO pairs you'll be sure to have at least TWO sets of braces that are identical so you can "double" them up.

    Once that is done, gtg.
    Now you still have to be careful with the bucket!
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  5. knox gsl

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    I also take a panel of 1/2" plywood and sandwich it between the tub and frame. You have to use longer bolts and I also use a large fender washer instead of a carriage bolt so that the tub is less likely to crack.
  6. Lbilawncare

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    We use them, but only for mulch. For the price ($100) they are great. Had one tub crack while being unloaded after being outside in 10deg cold, replaced with a new one from Menards for $35. If you want a strong wheelbarrow for rock and heavy loads, go with a Sterling masonary wheelbarrow.
  7. bob

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    That's a great idea. I lent my new duel wheel, wheel barrow to my neighbor to move some pavers. It came back with a 4 inch crack in the bed. Whenever I pitchfork mulch, the tine goes into the crack.
  8. herler

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    I did want to add, you can find these 10 cubic foot barrows slightly cheaper...

    And don't even waste your time with the 8 cu.ft.
    Seriously, if you're getting a 2-wheeler get the 10.
    Thou in all honesty they're very similar, still I'd get the 10.

    In terms of money, if you don't want to take a chance get an Ames True Temper.
    They're not cheap, generally run well north of $100, closer to $150.

    Not sure which of these stores is local to you...
    But I don't think shipping is going to be cheap, I'd see about finding a local supply.

    Now Southern States sells one...
    That seems to be pretty decent.
    You'll need to tack on two extra of those braces, but that's the case with any of these.

    Here's this one but it is the 8 cubic foot, still the price is reasonable for an Ames:

    Here's another but I can't get "store availability" to work for me so no price:

    These guys aren't local to you but if their shipping isn't too far north of say $20...

    In conclusion you can find them for under $160 but you're going to have to shop around, be ready to drive out to a store or two and take a look at these things too, and it may be a bit of a learning experience... As for getting them way far south of $100, let me tell you, if you get a good one for $80 you lucked out (in all honesty the $80 ones are pretty good, the problem is finding them, every scaper snaps them up soon as they hit the sales floor, they don't collect much dust I can tell you that).
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  9. Level_2_619

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    I think im goign to get a TSC one . thanks for the feed back guys!!:cool2:
  10. crazyflyboy30

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