wheel differential on a snapper mower

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by griffy, Jun 20, 2003.

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    2nd try at posting

    I bought this 21" Snapper last month. It runs great except it has a wheel differential on it that the salesmen never told me about. If i would of known it had it i probably wouldnt of bought it in the first place. Who ever came up with this idea never thought about mowing on the side of a hill. How the wheel differential works is
    when one wheel has the weight shifted to one side or the other the wheel that has the weight goes dead. I guess the idea is that when you make a turn the inside wheel isnt supose to turn allowing for easier turning. DUMB DUMB!!! When you get on an incline of any degee the wheel that is supose to drive the mower is dead because the weight is shifted to it. and that means you are dead on the hill having to push it and when you do get it to engage it jerks and takes off. POOR DESIGN bottom line. Has anybody here taken off the wheel differential on a snapper or know how to? All the mechanics around here in my area (WV) dont have a clue or dont want to bother with it.
    It would be a good mower if it werent for the wheel differential.
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    The differential is pretty much like any other differential. You could disassembly the unit and tack weld the spyders to give you a posi drive, however you will find it harder to turn the unit. Almost all self propelled mowers have a differential of some sort that I have seen.
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    Interesting you don't like the snappers split differential that is
    what makes the unit more useable. If you want a positive drive
    get a Honda. We have one Honda and 6 Snappers that we use
    as our trim units in our commericial business. The Honda stays in the trailers unless we need to bag wet rye grass. A solid differential is very difficult to turn but it will make your day on steep hills.

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