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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Alan Mikkelsen, May 6, 2002.

  1. Alan Mikkelsen

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    I'm looking at a Wheel Horse 416 Hydro. It will be used for home use, mowing 1-4 acres. It comes with a snowblower. The engine is an Onan. Are these good tractors, mowers, etc.?
  2. FrankenScagMachines

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    Wheel Horse offers the most tractor for the money. They cut good but I have no experience with a snowblower of any kind much less tractor mounted but it should be good. There's several Yahoo Groups for Wheel Horses and attachments. What year is it and how many hours are on it? How good has it been taken care of? Any worn out or broken parts (God forbid!) I've got a '93 Wheel Horse 520H with a 20hp Onan twin, hydrostatic hand lever but I made a pedal for it. Much better... the lever is ok if you don't need to change speed or turn around alot. I think they even sold pedal kits for them and you may still be able to order one at a Toro/Wheel Horse dealership. We have a 48" side discharge deck and a rear mounted 36" tiller. The fastest and easiest attachment changing system ever made period!
    Great tractors! My relatives have Wheel Horses and this side (mom's side) of the family have always used Wheel Horse and Toro stuff and I keep ending up with it too LOL it's good stuff. We have never had to do anything to our WH and I have a Toro rider that I have not done much to (1988 model) except replace engine rings and belts that's it. Today I bought a 1982 (old) Toro self propelled 21" bagger that's been sitting and needs alittle refreshment. Looks to be built good and I'm looking forward to having it around for a while too.
    Good luck,

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