Wheel loader cycle times

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Krafty, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Krafty

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    I think some of you are forgetting that it is a day of loading at most... Chris we must be a little more greedy up here our quads are alot taller then yours. The turck in your vid is about the same height as our tandems and tri axles. I will try and snap a pic today if I see one...
  2. zabmasonry

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    if you wanted a two or three or even 5 minute load cycle a 624 sized machine might be warranted. But since you'll have a 15 or 30 minutes per load you don't need a loader. Although one might consider the "herd" effect among truck driver's and that's effect on the day's production.
  3. TomG

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    My T300 will load our Tri-Axle or any Tri-Axle for that matter with out a ramp. But I realize end dumps are generally a little taller. Just make a ramp like Dirtman said if you have too. No need for a loader, especially for only 230 yards.
  4. ksss

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    230 yards is nothing. I would not consider a wheel loader either. Our trucks are not as tall as the ones you guys use out East but I would ramp accordingly (and or dig down where the trucks are going to be loaded). The 85XT has good dump height. I have loaded countless side dump loads with my 95XT and 465s. Sides I am sure are not as tall but as mentioned that can be delt with. Why give your money for a rental when you can keep it in your pocket.
  5. john365

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    I moved about 500 yards of material with a 980g and two d350 off road trucks. In 30 mins
  6. GQLL

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    There is no comparison between a 980 8 yard bucket and a ctl 1 yard bucket. I have loaded centipedes with a t300 it take longer but it will keep money in your pocket vs having to pay for the rental
  7. excav8ter

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    If it were my job.....I would use my Kobelco 135 excavator with my 60" bucket. Just start at one end and us the it to dig to grade and load the trucks.....have one CTL follow up and sub grade.

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