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Wheel marks

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Need some tips to avoid leaving those wheel marks when you turn. I have a 52" wright stander. I know your supposed to keep the wheel turning, but I still can't keep it from leaving marks, especially when the ground is soft.

thanks to all mowers for your help!
Dan the mower man.
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Is this a new mower? If so, it just takes a little time to get the feel of it. Since you’re positioned right above the rear wheels, in time knowing exactly what your wheels are doing will become second-nature.

Until then, come to a complete stop before starting your turns. Even after you get the hang of the machine, when the soil is soft or on a steep slope, it helps to come to a complete stop. Then stand on the back edge of the platform and watch your wheels as you pull one lever back to perform a zero-turn.

You will get to where you feel what the wheels are doing, but when the ground is fragile, it helps to go slow. If you’re doing a reversal from one stripe to the next, you’ll want to do a 90-degree turn, move over one cut-width, and then do the other 90-degree turn. It’s even less traumatic on the turf to make a three-point turn (three 60-degree turns, a.k.a. K-turn).

When you come to an inside-corner, mow up to the stop, then back up further than you need to before you rotate. That will keep from developing a divot in the same spot.

If this is a new mower, you can adjust the control levers sensitivity to the “turtle” settings as shown on the upper left-hand side of the control panel. This will decrease the sensitivity (and speed) making the mower less twitchy around obstacles. After few days, you’ll gain confidence and want to switch back to the “rabbit” setting.
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