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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Hondo1, Jul 30, 2011.

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    I have a exmark hp laser z ser # 600,000 and up. This unit has around 1800hrs. on it. During a normal days use, thats when left side of machine starting leaking and streaming out alot of fluid. Barely getting machine back onto trailer was a struggle. Taking machine off trailer was even worse, because no left drive. Yes I checked hydro fluid before taking off trailer, empty - refilled before I took off trailer. I noticed in the middle of left wheel motor, there was alot fluid gushing out. I assumed the wheel motor went bad. Replaced with a new wheel motor. Changed fluid w/new filter and started machine without moving it, on low idle, for a few minutes. After a few minutes I saw new wheel motor leaking in the same spot.
    Know what do I do? Is it the pump releasing to much fluid? Has anyone had this problem?

  2. CenterTree

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    Have you had any luck with this issue?

    What did you do about it?

    I have the same problem and am curious on how to fix it.
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    I think my problem is fixed. What I did was take off hydro pump and wheel motor, and had them checked out. Found out that both were roached. To repair them both would cost more than buying new.
    For future referance, if a wheel motor goes out, more than likely the hydro pump has gone bad. Seeing fluid leaking out of wheel motor and no where else, you would think the wheel motor is bad. Thats what I thought, and bought and installed a new wheel motor. Within in 30 seconds of running machine with new wheel motor on, it leaked in same spot.
    We've been really busy and haven't had time to get new parts for this unit. We plan on buying a new hydo pump and wheel motor soon, and let you know what happens.
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    Thanks for the reply. I am still trying to make the "connection" between how/why the hydro pump would need to be replaced along with the wheel motor.:confused:

    Is it that the hydro pump goes bad FIRST and causes damage to the wheel motor?? Or does the wheel motor go bad and therefore cause some kind of death to the pump??
    (which came first, chicken or the egg?)

    And, is it ALWAYS the case of BOTH being bad together??

    My wheel motor sprung a gushing leak during use and I would never have suspected the hydro pump as being bad until I started reading here.:cry:

    I haven't installed the new motor yet and I will wait for further knowledge on this matter. I certainly don't want to ruin a brand new wheel motor due to a bad pump....but I would rather not lay out the big bucks for a new pump if it is not really needed.

    I may just take the pump AND motor to be tested at the Exmark dealer and that could solve my issue.

    Thanks for your help.

    I figure if anyone would know this answer it would be "here".:clapping:

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