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    Hey PJ, On Monday the right wheel motor went out on me. Not bad after 936 hours. I have a '04 super Z 27/60. The shop said the repair would be about 1300 to 1400 total for a motor and pump. They said that if a wheel motor goes out then I have to replace the pump also. That metal fragments could be in the pump and cause damage to the new motor if I did not replace the pump. And that if I did not replace the pump then I would have to sign a waiver. Is this correct? It makes sense to me but just wanting to make sure.

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    Generally if they are saying the pump needs to be repleced do to the wheel motor failure it is needed.
    I certainly wouldnt want to contaminate the new wheel motor with trash that may be in the system or from a partially damaged pump that didnt get replaced.
    The waiver would be on the dealers behalf, it has nothing to do with Hustler, they are just trying to protect themselves from you coming back with a failure due to a contaminated pump that they suggested you replace.

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    I have a 2004 Super Z with 2400 hours. My wheel motor went out, the dealer said I had to replace both. But, I did not want to and I said it was just the wheel motor. They said there would be metal in the pump, so I bought a wheel motor and took the pump off and it was full of metal. So I cleaned it out very well and put a couple new pieces in the pump for a quater of the price of a new pump. And it works great. So if you want to take the time of cleaning the pump and checking it out. It will save you money.
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    Where did you get your parts for the repair.Dealer,pump manufacturer,or Hustler.Just trying to plan ahead.Gonna keep my Super-Z for a long time....

    DENNIS MOW LawnSite Member
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    my dealer got them thru the pump manufacturer for me....

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