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Wheel seized on John Deere lawn tractor


LawnSite Member
Sidell, IL
Started out to put new rear tires on 10 year old JD175 mower, but left wheel won't come off of axle. Right side came off by hand after removing the snap ring. Rust was not present inside and keyways and key show normal wear you would expect. On the other side that won't move, I don't see any rust from the outside anyway. Here is what I've tried today. Deflated tire and put puller jaws around rim lip and pushed against axle. Didn't move any at all. Hammered on center of puller of course and did tap some around inside of wheel hub but was afraid to get too serious here to prevent damage to differential. Took this setup off and built clay 'dam' around axle stub and let Kroil soak down into keyway for most of the day and tried puller a couple more times. I'm afraid to heat inner portion of wheel hub because of axle seal and I can't actually convince myself that it would help. I'm afraid woodruf key and keyway are in some kind of misalignment or wedge. Past owner had put tubes in the rear tires so I'm assuming they must have been off at one time.

Any tips or shared experiences would be greatly appreciatted. I'm a tool maker by trade, not a mower mechanic. Thanks!


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I would say your opinons are minimal .I have cut the tire and the rim off and i have also cut the tire off and installed the new one in place,either one is not easy ,Be carefull you do not knock the retaining ring off the axel or you will be pulling the rear end out ,been there done that to ,I have bought about every puller made for man for this and even drilled two holes in the rim ,to use a slide puller ,but that did not help either ,if you find a better way let me know


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If you can get some ZEP 40 penetrating oil its the best I have ever found, if its stuck as bad as you say though I'm not sure that would do it