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    Were looking at replacing some of our older Jackson wheelbarrow, and were looking at brentwoods. I can not belive the cost of these 300 for a 10 cube. Were paying 119 for a 10 cube Jackson. Are the brentwoods really worth it. I see a lot of guy use them but 300 for a wheelbarrow to me is a lot.
  2. herler

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    I don't know, I buy my 10 cubers for well south of $100 myself but end up purchasing the two front bucket steel supports to double up on them since they buckle under heavy load, fortunately the choices are usually few...

    Here's a nice one but other than them being in Virginia I can't vouch as to their location being convenient:

    I wouldn't normally include an 8 cuber but the price is real good:

    Once you include shipping it might be cheaper for you to check out these folks:
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    Goodness. I bought a wheel barrow at Sams. Yea Sams. Strange. I bought my first one three years ago for $69 . Its a two wheel but the kick is the wheels are on the outside of the tub. I've had 500 lbs of rock in it and you can drive it with one had it is so balanced. I bought a second one this year not needing it but they just had a couple left. The brand on the first one was "Majik" I checked the spelling. Good luck, I hope this gives you another option.
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    I just see a lot of people with them I just do not see any advantages to them. If somebody can prove me wrong I'd love to hear, but I can buy 3 of the above mentioned for a price of one Brentwood.
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    This is lawn site if you don't spend $300 on a wheel barrow you'll get put down.

    Really who the hell needs a $300 wheel barrow. eapiaclly when you buy 3-5 at a time?
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  6. cotyledon

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    I liken it to buying you first REAL blower hard to go back. I say Brent wood all the way. Light super strong nice wide tire hefty axel I have a couple Jackson knock offs and 2 brentwoods we all fight over the brentwoods
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    A.m. Leonard 8 cubic with the wide tire and poly tub. $200
  8. TPendagast

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    Jackson IS a real wheel barrow, nearly every serious contractor in business has or has had them in the equipment inventory.

    Comparing a jackson knock off to a brentwood is not the same as comparing an actual jackson to brentwood.

    The reason why Jackson is comparatively cheap is because they sell so gosh darn many of them, it's like the Model T assembly lineĀ…. the longer they kept selling the same equipment over and over again, the cheaper and cheaper they got! Nothing changes on a Jackson (except now I see a lot of them coming out with gray poly/composite handles), they just keep pumping them out.
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    I am very interested to I would love a larger, double tire wheelbarrow!
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    So you know how to do some Majik huh? Hahahahaha... LOL!

    I have always used Jacksons... The 8 cube and 10 cubes do me well. I would LOVE a Brentwood but might have to wait a couple years until I can afford one! Haha

    Anyway, I have been doing some sub work and other work for a gentleman with a long standing company in my area and the first day doing clean ups he brings along 2 black two wheeled "Majik" wheel barrows...

    So I am like "What the heck are these?" He says, "Well I got them at Sam's club for a really good deal."

    And I'm thinking to myself "Sam's Club?" "What the heck are these things?"

    Well let me tell you they are awesome!!!!!

    I don't know how they do it but the balance on those things is AMAZING!!!!

    At first glance they might not be as sturdy as a Jackson or A.M Lenny or Brentwood but we put them to the test and they keep coming back for more!

    What a funny coincidence that you brought them up in this thread....

    For everybody out there!!!!!!


    P.S Just looked it up and it has a 550lb rating!!!!!!! What?!?!
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