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  1. cotyledon

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    I'm surprised at how many ppl like those double wheel set ups .
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  2. recycledsole

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    Id really like to get the 10 cube brentwood for $275. Where do you get it? Im around DC so may be worth it for me to trek somewhere close by
  3. hmlawn

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    At costco (and I'm sure at other places) True Temper sells a red wheelbarrow with a gigantic flat-free tire. The design is exactly that of a Jackson but it's cheaper than a Jackson. We really like it, some of our fleet of like 7 jacksons are getting worn out.

  4. recycledsole

    recycledsole LawnSite Gold Member
    from MD
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    yea it looks like a Jackson. but were interested in the 10 cube dual tire ones.
  5. GQLL

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    When your moving alot of mulch or stone it is stable and you dont have to worrie about your buys tipping them over in customers yards as easy.

    Turf and garden is who i got mine from the closest one to you would be in York County Va which is a good 3.5 hour ride from dc
  6. JLC Lawn Care

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    My orange True Tempur ones get thrown out of the trailer etc and 2 of them are 4 years old and just starting to fall apart. Paid $90 at Home Depot
  7. Armsden&Son

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    It's pretty simple why the 2 wheelers are so popular....

    Better balance...

    Carry more weight...

    And my favorite, you can use 1 hand!!!
  8. herler

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    You have to tie them down or secure them some kind of way, the bucket acts as a sail catching the wind, sooner or later one of them wheelbarrows isn't going to land so nice and you'll be facing a load of liability when the sailing device causes a wreck or such... I've lost a few over the years as well, how I learned, I keep mine hooked to a chain nowadays.

    Sheer volume as well, I've done leaves with the 10 cubic footer before as it holds an entire tarp.
  9. southerntide

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  10. This is one tool that pisses me off. I have a jackson and true temper (both dual wheel) and both loose air like nobodys business. I got that tire sealant which is $10 and works, but then you get another hole sonewhere else. It really ticks me off.
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