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    Thanks, it looks nice. Do you have the experience with that wheelbarrow.

    I just bought the dual wheel 8 cube Jackson poly from HD. I will let you know how they hold up.
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    I have a similar wheelbarrow, one w/ 1 wheel, and another 2 wheeler. They're awesome but the hardware that comes with them is ****. All the bolts are twisted up from hauling concrete tear-out and boulders with them and I'll have to replace them with grade 8 before they completely fall apart.. something maybe everyone should consider if they're doing that kind of stuff.


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    I do, but I also work for A. M. Leonard, so I might be a little prejudiced. Carries a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects. Doesn't mean you can't break them if you try hard enough. Nothing wrong with the Jackson, we sell them too and seldom get a complaint.
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    Figured I would bring up this thread. Are the orange true tempers still as HD as they were like 15-19 yrs ago? If they are, I will get a 2nd one next season just to have. If they are not, what is everyone buying now for 2 wheel 8 cu footers?
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    How many of ya'll are having issues with the poly tubs? I have 2 of the yellow 2 wheelers from HD and both have busted up tubs. I gotta replace them. I think to salvage what I can, I'm gonna build a new hauling surface for the two of them to put bagged mulch on. We do a lot of mulch work and it's all bagged, so I figure I can build a little platform on them and put 12-14 bags on one. Then, I'll look into new wheelbarrows for doing other wheelbarrow type stuff(of course we try to use the machine as much as possible, so we really don't use em that much....)
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    My trusty wheel barrow is finally about rusted through. Think my dad got it back in the 50s. Definitely don't make em like they used to.

    Thanks for the suggestions, gonna look into buying me a new one.
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    Just to add a comment from the sideline. No flat are great for level ground and no climbing. A pneumatic tire is a blessing for hopping curbs, landscape timbers and stairs. So, I think it is wise to have one of each.
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    Or if you don't, pull it backwards up the curbs.

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