Wheeled Trimmer??? Or Jungle mower?


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I am in need of a mower or such that is quick to take down lots of tall grass on very uneven ground. I have a bid on two properties, One is a fence line roughly 1200 feet. they want a swath cut out under and away from the fence for 4-6 feet. Two is a 2.5 acre property that is very uneven and has lots of trees to go around.
Would you?
1. rent a billy goat out back jungle mower for 100 per day?
2. Buy a high wheel trimmer for 300?

I will be doing these properties 4 times.
The fence line at 350 a time and the 2.5 acres at 36 an hour. (close friend) Roughly 12 hours a time.

I am leaning to-wards the high wheel trimmer with a 6hp briggs but would like some input on how well these work.
If you have experience with either I greatly appreciate it, and if you have experience with both. well lets just say you are great if you reply.

Thanks. I need these for some good fill in work before I really hit the mowing.


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Sounds like you need a Postmaster Trimmer. It's a tow behind unit w/ a 6.75 Briggs engine, and a 22" cutting swath. It is spring loaded, and "bounces" off the posts allowing you to trim right up to, under, and around each post, and keep mowing. It only weighs 125 pounds, and can be pulled behind a tractor,atv, or a z. Best of all, it only costs $ 500.00. PM me, and I'll tell you where to get it.(I don't want to break any rules about advertising here!):D


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Well, I can tell you that the wheeled trimmers, such as the DR do NOT work how they look like they do on television. In high weeds, it will cut, but the weeds get bound up around the spool. Granted, this can happen with a hand held string trimmer, if you're not careful, but in technique, you can just quickly lift the hand held up and it will clear if you think it's about to bind up. With the walk behind, you can't do that. I am amazed when I see so many people buying these things, knowing (myself) that they will just end up collecting dust in the back of the shed or garage.
Is it just weeds on the 2.5 acre property with the trees? What kind of mowers are you running? I think I would just strap a set of old blades on there, and cut a little high and cautiously. I've done this sort of thing before.
As far as the fencerow job, you could do the same thing, (just make sure you don't discharge ANYthing up against the fence, as this will make much more work for you to trim).
OR, you could put a blade on your trimmer, walk up and down once, and then trim what's left over against the fence with string.


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I did this job once last year with an old piece riding mower I had and put it at 6" cut. I ended up breaking the frame by the end of the day and had to finish it with my whacker. I have a 36" toro proline hydro that I do not want to torture with this task. This is why I was contemplating the whelled trimmer.
The property is strait backwoods never been taken care of. Has new owner since last year and she has big plans just needs a few years to take care of other things first and save around 25 thou just for major grading, sprinklers, topsoil and grass.
right now all she wants is the house to be safe from fire.


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I have one of the wheeled string trimmers and it's going to an auction sale this weekend. It doesn't work on any of our properties. Too heavy to move on uneven ground and that's what it was bought for. The cut isn't good enough either, the string trimmer is just as quick and requires less effort. I've always seen then so I bought one to try.

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