Wheels about fall of Toro - not just 1 mower but 2??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by meets1, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. meets1

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    Toro #1 brand new this year - 400 hours on it. I run this mower - walking back to trailer after blowing - I notice the wheel is sitting at a slight angle - Looked at the lug nuts but they were tight and thought one more lawn - then I noticed it was hard to keep straight and always pulling to a side. I bring the mower to the dealer the next morning and the wheel motor is lose - 2 nuts missing and the other two are just hangen on. Check the other tire and there all lose but have the nuts on them yet.

    Toro # 2 - new last year and 760 hours it - same thing today when the guys backed if off the trailer - go to dealer who complained about working an extra hour on saturday and same top 2 nuts gone and others where lose again.

    Dealer put lock tight on and were off. Took about an hour / mower. Now am I doing something that I shouldn't be with this machine or if the factory in Nebraska just getting lazy?? Should I complain - call TORO - write a letter / email??

    TORO #1 has been back to the dealer so many times this year for repair work that I hate to know what will happen in 1000 hours. Had a new spindle replaced, new hud, the entire fan unit on the DFS bagger, I have run off 3 belts, and now this.
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    Never had anything like that happen to me and all I run is Toro. What year and model are the mowers you have? I have been using Toro commercial mowers for over 20yrs and they have been great mowers.
  3. meets1

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    They are both 52 decks with 23 kawa engines - series of mower I am not sure but the other 2 z's - have 800 - 1000 hours on them and have never been touched.
  4. joed

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    I've had the same thing happen to my toro pt21 mower. I bought in July, have used it for about 20 hours and the bolts keeping getting lose, especially at the base of the handle bar. Today, I noticed the unit wasn't cutting even. Then I looked down and noticed that the left front wheel was wiggling all over the place. I had to tighten the bolt to fix the problem. Don't know if these are isolated cases or widespread. You can try to email Toro but good luck if you can get a response. I sent them 3 emails, 2 in June and one in July but never got a response.
  5. Total Lawncare Solutions

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    Two Words.

  6. robbo521

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    thats just one word and you should not have to worry about things like that.that should be the last thing to fall off i would think.
  7. Total Lawncare Solutions

    Total Lawncare Solutions LawnSite Member
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    The Toro Height Adjuster Bolts on the comm units need Loctite®.

    Takes 5 min. to do and you are Good To Go.
  8. tomo

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    hello ,now that i have seen this hmmmn!!!!
    Other people in the industry i have spoken to have also had the wheel motors come loose ,so in the near future i will contact toro for the wheel mtr bolt tension.Does anybody no if there is a toro bulletin on this ??
    Assembly line issues like this :realmad: :realmad: .To remind exmark owners that there machines are produced on the same production line [ztr mower]


  9. Ramone

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    I had the same exact same problem just the other day with my toro , walking back to the tailer and noticed the tire was leaning inward . I took it back to the dealer , they said they never heard of this problem before , they ordered new bolts and nuts and used loc tight and sent me on my . oh yeah mines has 380 hrs. on it
  10. topsites

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    ehhh I'm in my 6th year and have used Toros exclusively, I wouldn't buy another brand and if you gave it to me I would sell it, that's how good I think Toros are. One time in all those years did a rear wheel come off my oldest (the '98) and I'm still not sure why, it was the outer e-clip had come off, I simply popped it all back on even used the same clip and in 5 minutes was rolling again and it's been fine ever since...

    But you guys are mentioning bolts and 23hp kawis...?
    Mine are all 15hp Kohlers, thou I did notice toro seems to have given kohler the boot, but that's another story.
    Still something's wrong here, with Toros you don't need that much power, are you guys running Hydros???

    A common misconception is all Wb's have to be Hydros...
    Only Wb's that need Hydros are non-toros because of the controls, stupid pistol grips will kill you on a gear drive, hence hydro / ecs is the option of choice for all the other brands. But not on a toro, you don't really want a hydro toro because Toros were never really designed to be hydros, the very machine is so designed that a gear drive is the best and really the only option, a hydro toro Wb is just a strange beast and likely why there exist problems.

    My dealer sure gives me the run-around sometimes, but one thing that guy knows his stuff, and years back he told me, boy you don't want a hydro toro. And he was right, he showed me all the ins and outs and why they're nothing but trouble, because Toro never meant for their Wb's to be hydros, basically.

    Once you get into Z's there's not much doing, but other than that the T-bar makes the hydro option a rich kid fancy boy or someone must've been on drugs thing, it's just not something I've ever wanted on any Toro of mine, and even today I'm just as fast about hopping on the 48" Toro gear drives as I am about hopping on the 60" Ztr, a gear drive toro is that good.

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