When And How To Always Get Paid!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bluegrass Lawn Service, Dec 5, 2007.

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    First of all I've been in the mowing and landscaping business for 12 years. Here's my problem. It seems that every once in a while a customer will question if we have mowed or not. Example " we only mowed twice in August and in mid Sept. the customer receives their bill, now they think they only were mowed once and do not owe for one of the two mowings. We send out a daily report on which properties need mowing and the crews check off at they mow each property. However it always seem as though each month we will have a customer call and dispute their bill. I have read about monthly billings and I believe they might be right. How do some of you cope with this problem or maybe you don't even have a problem?
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    Do they gripe about the service you provide them or just the billing part? Only thing I've experienced that is kinda similar to your situation is customers not paying at all. If they are that much of a pain, collect what you can and look for new customers that are timely in paying.
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    You may want to put little yard flags during each visit or put door hangers stating that you cut it on such day. A plus to that would be advertising on them as well. I have a couple that do that but I watch them more carefully after the first complaint
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    Another idea - You might want to do a drive by and check on the properties that the complaints are coming from. Even though you are double checking on your employees. You could then confirm for yourself that the work is being done, not just checked off on a work log. It may take some extra time out of your day, but could save you some hassle in the long run.
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    Get different customers.

    Im not trying to be sarcastic but if a person cannot tell their grass has been cut then they are stupid or blind.

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    If they know your comming on that schedule & complain about it two week later saying you weren't their tell them to bad if they thought the lawn wasn't cut they should have called you the next day not to weeks later.

    Also stop cutting everyother week you get more complants that way. We cut every week or they can get little johnny from down the street to cut it.
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    Putting people on yearly contract with fixed monthly payments fixes this problem. unfortunately the older people are the ones that believe you are skipping them and they won't sign up for monthly payments. Need to replace the customer.
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    there is only one way to always get paid. Get paid before you do the work. all the rest is just part of being in business. I met a man at a hardware store who's son did lawns at trailer parks in Fla. His plan was 40 cuts [no trimming] @ $10 each [ 1997] all prepaid by Jan or Feb. He had 400 + clients and put more than $160,000 in the bank at the start of the season. Now thats a plan!
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    I have had 2 customers pull this crap during the past season. I dropped both of them. Of course, it is easier for me to make that decision as I am at every job. I like the idea of leaving something that tells them that you have been there...BUT...if your guys forget to leave a note, the customer would probably notice and take advantage of it.
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    Hell yeah!

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