When did you know it was time?


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The only reason that I would absolutely buy a new mower, if you didn't have employees, is if the downtime due to maintenance of the one mower is really effecting your daily schedule


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Charleroi P.a
if you buy it who will come customers? I would not buy a second mower if i do not have any use for it. I would have to say only you can make that call is the new mower going to make it easier on me? Do i have enough work for it.....


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Hmm.....guess I'm strange, but I have never had only one mower. From the beginning I bought two. What do I tell my customers when one is down, they don't care. I first bought two 21 inchers to start with. Can't say they were top of the line, but they got the job done to buy a 42" 17hp rider. Then used the rider to buy the 36" hydro, then that for the 60", ...who knows what's next. 32" maybe.


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My backup is a 32" which I use for backyards. It would be a backup if my 60" ZTR went down. But if the 32" goes down. . .?? Maybe I should buy a bakcup for my backup. . .Just spend the money on preventive maintenance (new belts, hoses, fuel line, regular fuel filter changes, inventory in your garage of parts that you could anticipate needing, etc.) I can't see buying a new mower just in case yours breaks down, unless you use the new one for a primary and yer current one as a backup, in which case when you do need it it won't start due to fuel varnishing in the tank or something from sitting up. Therefore, yer just doubling yer maintenance time to keep a backup running good as well as your primary, IMO.


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Well beleive me guys if Crafty's Dixie was 10 years old I doubt it will have seen much down time. But seriously, Jason, I wondering is you think you need 2 mowers or just want a newer bigger one? I mean, yea its nice to plan ahead but, dude your full time in the military, kid on the way, mowing part time. Do you really have enough to warrant running 2 mowers at once? I don't know all the yards that you have but the only one that I do know would be Todd's. I mean think, new mower, another payment, need someone to run mower, pay employee, maintenance on new mower, fuel, insurance, yada yada yada. I'm not trying to say no. Lord knows I like new stuff too, but just sit and think, why do I need one now, why didn't I need it last year?

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