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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by GravelyGuy, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. GravelyGuy

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    Do you target mostly neighborhoods where you currently work or do you target new areas also?

    Also, what do you include in your mailing? I have a professional letter typed and I planned on including a list of my services to go along with it. I was also probably going to add some kind of incentive to the letter.

    I direct mailed probably only 100 letters last year and I went on a couple of estimates from these, but I only got one job. I realize 100 isn't very many so I wan't expecting much. My letters are much improved over last years.

    This sure does suck paying almost 50 cents per mailing including postage:rolleyes:
  2. phasthound

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    Without knowing the services you provide, it's hard to give advice. But I'll try anyway.

    If your work involves repetitive small jobs, market the area you are already working in. Less travel = less time and fuel = larger profit margin.

    If you are doing large one time jobs, find out where that market is & concentrate on that area. Travel time and cost should be built in with the price.

    Getting one job from 100 mailings is pretty darn good! Spending $50.00 on marketing is peanuts.

    Marketing needs to be instantly eye catching and repetitive to work. Typically it takes 7 times before someone really looks at your info.

    Check out http://quantumdigital.com/
    You can use them to set up targeted mailings to whatever neighborhoods you want to reach with minimum order of only 20.

    Best of luck to you. :waving:
  3. LB1234

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    You need to do multiple mailings a few weeks apart, entice them to call, give a deadline to call by, etc. Go down to the bookstore and go to the business section and look under advertising/marketing. There are GREAT books that are full of useful information that you can start using imediately. I did this and my ROI went up drastically.
  4. GravelyGuy

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    from Indiana
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    Thanks for the info. Right now I'm not focusing on bigger jobs, just the usual mowing, fert, cleanups.

    My plan was to send out my letter and then hit the same neighborhoods with my postcard flyers at least once, probably twice. My letter and flyers have matching logos and look very professional.

    I was also considering putting about 10,000 flyers in the paper (selct zip codes) in addition to the 10,000 that I want to pass out. I would rather stay away from the paper if I can though. I don't really want to associate with the type of operations in our local paper.

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