when do I go from a 21" to a 32 or 48?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by sunstateturk, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. sunstateturk

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    Started this year as a solo operator after working for others forever... got 10 year round accounts with only one that has a small gate, large size back yard. Rest have huge gates or tiny backyards... walking a bit with the toro 21":)

    My question is whether I should buy a 32 or 36" mower to fit that gate and potential others or a 48" (max for my trailer) to really save time on bigger lots? I've read posts here where guys have their business plans designed around no-gate situations and continuous mowing.

    Very limited budget so I'll be going used and it seems one can score a used 36 or 48 in the same price range of $600-$1200... depending on cond.

    be safe...

    longwood, fl
  2. jhawk60

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    I would look at the area you are planning on focusing your business. If most are like what you have now, just the odd small gate few and far between, the 48" will allow you to be more productive. If your ratio of small to big gates is lucky for the area and you expect many more small gates in the future, the 36" will probably be your best bet. I would stay away from a 32" as a primary mower, but that's me.
  3. verant

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    well if you can afford it, go with the 36. it sounds like there are a gates in ur area, so that may be best. at 48 may be overkill with 10 accounts at the moment. when u grow, just move up to a bigger one, not a big deal
  4. THC

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    10 accounts and no money? Stick with the toro and spend that $600 on some fliers next spring.
  5. sunstateturk

    sunstateturk LawnSite Member
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    thanks, yeah it seems that gates will make up 25% of my business in the small to medium residentials in my area... most have the big 6' gates now but still run into some older chain link fences with small gates...
  6. aahotard

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    just letting you know. I have a toro 32" proline, t bar, 13hp kohler, brand new set of jungle wheels. only 18hrs. Looks new. pm me if interested

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