When do I put out Flyers?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by outrunjason, Feb 7, 2002.

  1. outrunjason

    outrunjason LawnSite Senior Member
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    I didn't start mowing till April last year. Didn't put out flyers till end of March. This is a new year and I wanderd if I could put out flyers earlier than March. When does eveyone start putting out flyers?

    Thanks, Jason
  2. Why not start now? Flyers are inexpensive, cover an area that you wouldn't have time to do once you get busy with your existing plan. Everything you get early could be something you wouldn't have otherwise.
  3. LawnLad

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    Our flyer is at the printer now. We'll start delivery of 5,000 next week - will take us on and off about two weeks to deliver them. We'll print another 3,000 to 5,000 once we see how the first round goes.

    Knowing that it takes time to deliver the flyers, I'll start with less important areas and work into our preferred market areas the closer we get to the season. I've found the majority of my calls come in early to mid March and the level sustains itself until the first/second week of April.

    I think the sooner the better - but know where you're delivering and who you want to hit when and why. We'll even hit some neighborhoods/streets twice in a spring... about 4 weeks apart with mailings.
  4. outrunjason

    outrunjason LawnSite Senior Member
    from dallas
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    Some of you are saying to put out flyers now. The temperature here in dallas is about 65 for the high and 45 for the low. The lawns are not growing. Wont most people through the flyers away. I know in the past I have not started mowing until April. Never mowed in March at least not yet.

    Thanks, Jason
  5. 65hoss

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    Start yesterday! The more you get your name out there the better off you will be.
  6. lamblawnscaping

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    We also have 5,000 door hangars at the printer now. Should be ready on monday. We spent the last couple of weeks targeting certian areas and we know exactly where the flyers will go. We will start with the least important areas and work our way into the preferred areas as the season nears, just like Lawn Dad. Our door hangars are made of card stock and have a perforated tear off business card at the bottom. We hope people who may normally throw away a flier will keep the business card. If you put coupons on your fliers that must be redeemed by a certain date (march 15 for instance), you may hurry up some people who would wait till the grass is growning otherwise. Good Luck.
  7. outrunjason

    outrunjason LawnSite Senior Member
    from dallas
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    Ok. So would the first of March be a good time to put out my flyers? I just don't want to waste time putting out flyers and when April gets here have to do it all over again. I have never started advertising this soon in the year. If you put flyers out on the first of Marh do people usually call within the week or call closer to April when the grass starts growing? (Also don't want ppl looking at the flyer and going god what is he doing it is still winter lol)

    Thanks, Jason
  8. LoneStarLawn

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    We started our advertising a week ago.

    Get calls all the time.
  9. stslawncare

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    i am still thinking abuot snow lol i might start making flyers up in the next week or so

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