When do you all put down your pesticide flags?


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Oly Wa
Before you ask, yes I'm legal. But I'm wondering when you put out your flags? Before you apply or after? I was putting down Cassoron today at a Toys R Us and a little kid of about four years old or so went running from his car, through the mulch bed that I was applying to, to check out some ducks in a retaining pond on the other side of the bed. It was in a spot that I haddn't reached yet, but still he could have stumbled and fallen into the stuff (on a slight hill) if I had already applied it there. Of coarse he couldn't't read the flags if they were right in front of him. Here in Wash. they (flags) need to be posted at the entrance to the property. So on top of the before or after?, do you guys just put down the min. required or do you put down more? Every so many feet or something? Thanks much...oly


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SE Pennsylvania
Well, as of this year, I may not put out flags. It has just come to my attention over this past winter that posting is not required on anything but school properties in PA. Although I probably will continue to do so, so clients can see that I was there and to avoid any type of liability issues.


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I flag after the application at the entryway to the property. One flag per entryway.

Have ya never been doing a post-em app. with rubber boots, gloves and a long sleeved shirt, when mom comes up behind ya to show ya the new baby with Fido on one side of her and 2 year old Jonnie in bare feet on the other?

If it hasn't happened yet it will.

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