When do you bill for maint. contracts?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by JimmyStew, Jun 22, 2008.

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    I have a number of maintenance contracts, some residential and some commercial, all of which are billed monthly. These are substantial accounts that require weekly or bi-weekly appearances for mowing on some or just weeding/deadheading & general bed maints. No problems here.

    I just recently picked up two accounts where I have been hired to plant a number of annual plantings for $xxx and maintain them through the summer for $xxx additional. They won't take a great deal of time and we aren't talking about a lot of money for the maint. and billing monthly seems quite unreasonable. When should I bill for the maint. portion. Should I bill the whole thing together, wait half way through the summer or wait till its all over? Is there an "industry standard" here? For what its worth, I have no doubts about whether the client will pay, regardless of when I bill.
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    I would plant the beds and bill for the flowers and the seasons maint all together. If it is not much money as you said they should have no problem paying right away. Even if they wait a month to pay the bill it is in motion at least and not forgotten. I am getting ready to send out my July maintenance bills this week (June 24th-27th). I pre bill for regular monthly service and last months extras. I'm a Gardener not a bank.

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