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When Do You Consider Yourself A Professional?

One Degree

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I was curious as to what it takes to be a professional landscape designer/landscaper. I see so many companies advertising "Professional Landscape Design" when all they do is draw circles and squares on paper or come up with a design on a cheap Wal-Mart program. I have a 4 year Landscape Design degree from a major University and I still ask myself "Am I considered a professional in the industry?" I go to trade shows acting as a customer and talk to other people in the industry that consider themselves "professionals" and I am amazed at the lack of knowledge they have or the BS they feed their customers. I wish Landscape Designers had more of a classification such as a Landscape Architect that way it would add value to the meaning of a Landscape Designer.

Team Gopher

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I agree with olderthandirt. Professional can simply mean you get paid for the service you provide.


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Well I have a masters in Architecture and a minor in Landscape Architecture. And I did not consider myself sussesfull untill I learned how to work the design, and work with the customer.
Took Awhile I swear that college did not help me much with the real world, It taught me how to drink alot LOL


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One Degree- I use to think the same thing about being 'professional' - it doesn't really mean anything unless you have the skills and experience to prove you truly are 'professional.' The Association of Professional Landscape Designers is the only group out there (that I know of) representing 'professional' landscape designers. Anyone can become a member. To become a Certified member, you must submit a design, to be reviewed by a panel of your peers.

I have found it helpful, to be able to tell a prospective client, that I am a certified member of this organization. It absolutely weeds out those 'designers' who don't know what they are doing.

Check out apld.org