When do you cry "UNCLE!"

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by thepawnshop, Jun 4, 2006.

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    OK, those of you who know me here on this board KNOW that I am a JD fan boy, but I am getting frustrated. I abslolutely LOVE my CT322...when it runs. She has under 200 hours on it and so far I have had to deal with the following:

    • Fuel pump problem (she would start and immediately cut off)
    • Front door track broke (won't run unless the door is closed...wouldn't close)
    • Track tensioner busted (kept leaking grease and releasing track tension..threw tracks repeatedly)
    • Electronics Problem (replaced the whole console...temp gauge still doesn't work)
    • Loss of hydraulic pressure
    • Blew a front cylendar seal at the bucket

    Some of the problems have been more serious than others, but they are still documented problems nonetheless.

    I will say, my dealer has been very fast to fix each problem, but I think I am the victem of buying a first generation machine...it has a butt-load of bugs and I am growing frustrated. At what point am I able to say...this machine is a POS...what can you do for me?

    Has anyone else been in this situation? Like I said, my beef isn't with the dealer, but I think I have a lemon. I really need some advice...other than "you shoulda bought a Cat".

    Thanks and please, be gentle!
  2. Dirty Water

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    Doug....You should have bought a cat.....

    Just kidding :D :D

    Deere had a lot of problems with their 200 series too.... Perhaps Deere just hasn't gotten the kinks ironed out yet.

    Perhaps you can get your dealer to buy it back and get another one?
  3. Scag48

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    Hope you get it figured out Doug. That's about all I'm going to say, I don't want to start a war! :headphones:
  4. Tigerotor77W

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    As always, take my suggestion with a grain of salt -- especially true here, as I'm still naive in my understanding of how dealer-customer relationships work.

    At any rate, it sounds like two things:

    1) your machine isn't typical of a 300-series machine;
    2) you have a responsive dealer.

    If I recall correctly, your 320 SSL didn't have these problems, right? (Or did it not have all the options the 322 does?) If/since that's the case, you may want to ask your dealer what's up with the machine -- you've clearly been a loyal customer (the telehandler purchase notwithstanding), and you clearly like the machine. Why not just tell the dealer as it is: the machine hasn't been delivering the same brand value you've come to expect and you'd like an solution (not just an answer)?

    Of course, that could just a simple thing to say rather than to do... but I guess that's my first impression.
  5. AWJ Services

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    This is really good advice.
    But the dealer will only go so far on his dime so if JD will not step up and help the Dealer solve the problem It may present a new can of worms.

    If you like the machine ask to trade it in and get another.
    If you think it is a JD issue you may have to venture out and purchase another brand.

    Remember Brand Loyalaty does not pay the bills.

    I would also consider that your dealer has really stepped up too the plate with his end service wise.
    Does your Dealer sell any other Brands?
  6. thepawnshop

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    They only sell Deere. I am hoping that any other 322 users on this site may be able to share how thier machines are holding up. I must admit, I was a bit nervous buying a 1st generation CTL from Deere, but as Xing mentioned, I had no problems with my 320, BUT... Itraded her before she even had 100 hours on it for the CTL.

    The whole "dealer can only do so much" thing is what concerns me. Yes, they are quick to fix my machine, but it is still down until the cavalry arrives! Perhaps this is just a bad machine, or perhaps I'm just one unlucky guy. It should be repaired today and I am working at one of my pawnshops anyway, but I HAVE to have it tomorrow so lets see first how this plays out and second, how long between this and the next failure.

    As far as another brand of CTL...I think I'm too scared to go with another dealer as of yet...still can't beat the service.
  7. Squizzy246B

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    Hey Doug....ya shoulda got a Cat....so you could experience the same thing as us and the 301.8C. They have been out to the drive motors about 5 times and are now talking about replacing either the undercarriage complete or the whole machine. At least with Cat ya get those really cool looking service trucks:cry: :rolleyes:
  8. Construct'O

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    HI! Doug
    Sorry about all the problems.I don't have ctl 322,i have the ctl332.About the same machine,but one difference is the engine.I have a 5 cyclinder engine.

    So far the problems that i have had is as follows:
    Problem>>>>temperture vale for the heater(which also controls the air cond.)
    Fix >>> replace valve,but have had repeat trouble again

    Problem>>> rear idler on the tracks the bearing went out.(they are Berco)
    Fix >>>replaced idler( it looked like it had never been filled with oil or grease from factory)Since it was Berco making for Deere i didn't blame Deere.

    Fast and quick service from my dealer also.

    Problem>>>>> Machine wouldn't start i had machine running because of having mounted backhoe on.You can set the hydrualic on bypass so you can get out and sit on backhoe and run it.

    Fix>>>> a fuse(when i get in and out of the machine with it running and backhoe on it i step on the attachment pedal and when i do that it will kill the engine safety thing.After repeated times it blew the fuse finally.)

    Hydrualics are noisier then i like,but are stong,basicly machine so far is performing good to excellent.

    As far as the window (which is suppose to be a safety issue,which i'm a safety person) you can disconnect switch at the top of the window at the back and will run with the door open.Which the way i see it !!!!!!!!!! what is the difference of it running with the window open or if you had a machine without a cab which is open running.So duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do we have switch on window.

    You have the switch on the seat that you have to be setting on and the full seat belt with switch.Safety is good ,but sometime it gets to be a little over kill.

    Back to your problems.In pass post that i have read of yours>>>> your help also runs your machine and you posted about breaking handle on the controls,so with that said, is it all the machines fault or your operators.If i remember right neither one of them knew how it happened and which one did it.

    Might want to have a talk with them about why the machine is breaking down more then needed.

    By the way being in midwest i know my machine doesn't have to go through the extremes as much as other in the country which i'm glad.Most of what i work in is dirt.I have 200 hours on machine so far.I also got the 3 year 3000 hour extended warrenty ,because of machine beening first series ctl.Good idea for anyone buying first off the line machine.

    By the way mine was one of the first off line,be that good or bad.Went to factory and got gold key customer tour through the factory.It was a great experience.Dubuque,Iowa.

    Sorry for the long post ,but you asked and there are the problems and fixs along with other info.Which is so far miner,the way i see them.What was your hydrualic problem?????????(more details please) Thank you.
  9. Construct'O

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    from Sw Iowa
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    Thought i would add more info .Your problem with the window broke and not being able to close, to those who don't know about Deere the on and off switch and the park brake and hydrualic switch they are above the window (which covers the whole consol),so you can't get too them if the window is broke and is up .

    So there is a whole bunch of issues you have to deal with when the window won't close.

    I did have to have my window ajusted,it wouldn't open ,they adjusted it and has been okay since.
  10. wmtom

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    I have a CTL 322 it has about 130 hrs and so far the only problem I have had is the glass has come unglued for the frame my dealer gave me a new door and the glass came loose from it also. So my dealer said they had sent my orginal door to a local glass company and had it fixed still need to pick it up. The belt is starting to make a little noise but I think its from the sand. I do alot of work on the beach. I am in Pensacola, Florida the beach sand here is real fine. Hope you just a lemon and this is not the start of problems for me to come.

    Mike Thomas

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