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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rookie03, Jun 11, 2005.

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    When do you decide to make it BIG TIME?! So, your lawn care business is doing pretty good, but you've been making the same amount of money for the last couple of years and you would really like to see things take off. When do you decide to try and make your lawn care business BIG TIME? When do you decide to go out and get (a couple ZTR's, an Enclosed Trailer all lettered up, a nice reliable truck all lettered up, run Radio Ads or whatever is popular in your area, spend quite a bit of money on advertising, get a few employees lined up to work, call commercial properties, get a Logo, Look as Professional as possible, and see how much business you can get rolling in? I feel like here lately I just have a job. I have a regular pickup with an open trailer. Magnetic signs for the truck and a sign on the ramp gate of the trailer. I think if I went big time and had everything lettered up....rolling around town with all types of advertisement then business would pick up. What do you guys think? Stay small and go with the flow of things? Or start a major reconstruction and get everything lettered up and advertise, advertise, advertise?
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    I think what you need to find a spot right in the middle of what you just said...I would spread that plan out over maybe three seasons so that you don't go in head first.
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    Find your niche. Over the last 3 years Have finally found what makes me the most profit. I have finally weeded out most of the crap and have primo accounts. By primo I don not mean perfect turf. I mean good payers pay on time and always want extras. I filled up 2 days worth of regular full season yearly paying accounts. The other 3 days I do aerations and one time jobs. My Niche is aerations and one time jobs. When every other Major LCO is to busy to do it I get primo rates. Pulling in an average of 600 a day myself. You need to find out what your costs will be. I would make sure that you are making the max you can before hiring a full time person. I would look to a part time person to keep you up but not weigh you down with too many costs.
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    If you don't have a business plan get someone to help you put one together. A good business plan is going to answer all your questions about growing your business. Always remember, you make your money with a pencil and and then do the work. All successful business owners accept the fact that paperwork cannot be avoided or postponed.

    You cannot direct the wind but you can adjust the sails!
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    Thanks for the help! I would like to become BIG TIME by next year and just hope I keep getting more work, but like you said I may get in over my head. If you don't take risks you may not succeed. I think that I could possibly go for it and try to build the business up bigger and faster within a year rather than building it slowly over 5 years and waiting for the business to come to me. I want to go big and see where it takes me. I've been slowly getting more business for 3 years....I think it's time for a change and go all out. I'd rather take the risk than say "what if" on down the road. I'll need plenty of encouragements to succeed. I know it won't be easy. I'm up for the task and I believe I'm well prepared. Now when I say big....I don't mean anywhere as big as some lawn companies are around the world. But I mean bigger than my business is right now. Having one more lawn truck and having 2 more employees would be perfect. The more business that I have....the more my name will get out there. It's all about advertisement.
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    plan it all out maybe over 2 years one year is your new truck the next is a new trailor maybe your 3rd year ud need to get both
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