when do you guys stop cutting weekly & start with leaves

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ince8728, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. ince8728

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    I'm debating on when I should send out a letter to my customers notifying them when the offical end of weekly cutting will end and the leaf season will begin. I live in NJ so you more experienced guys will prob be able to help on this. I was thinking around Oct 15th??? When do you guys stop weekly cutting and when do you notify them of when the clean-ups will begin?

    - Matt
  2. jpp

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    My letter went out with the last bill. I bill monthly so It went out with the August bill. I gave them my rate and told them as soon as the leaves start flying we will start doing the work. I normally start the first week of Oct. but I have already have had to do some work here. But get your letter out ASAP. That way they will know what is going on.

  3. General Grounds

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    :blob3: we cut weekly till nov. 5th, then well tale a week or so and do odd and end work till about the the 15th, then start leaf pick-ups. most people request to be done after the 15th and before xmas. tony
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    Hello. I am from northern NJ. I have sent out my flyers and have included them in with the last bill. Normally the end of Oct. is a good time to transition. However, I alerted some clients thT I am begining to charge for leaf cleanup now in addition to cutting.

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  5. Greenservice

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    Why do you notify them when you start leaf cleanups? My customers understand that I do 'maintenance' until the end of the season. Maintenance is whatever needs to be done that week. I never say 'mowing' on my bills, just 'maintenance'. That gives me the flexibility to do whatever needs to be done and you can charge the same amount if you spend the same amount of time - regardless of what you do.
  6. jpp

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    I notify all customers of leave removal rates. My rates vary between grass and leaf work. I have one letter and send it out to all customers new and old ones. This just refreshes the customers to that if they want the service they need to let me know. Especially the new ones. Also believe it or not I get phone calls as to when we are starting to do leaf removal.

  7. Grasman

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    I agree with Greenservice. My bills say Lawn Service. We mow until the grass stops growing. Last year did some into Dec.. All my customers know we take care of what needs to be done. We mow as needed, could be every 2 days or every 15 days, and do leaves as needed. When the leaves start falling we just mulch them up as part of our normal mowing. Our customers know that as the leaves get thicker and they can't all be mulched up on our normal passes we add on additional charges depending on the extra time it takes, which could be going over the lawn a couple of more times and/or hauling them away.
  8. Soupy

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    We just keeping cutting every week. I put the mulch kit on and raise the rate by 25%. We blow all beds out into the lawn and cut it as normal. My Hustler Z with mulch kit and blowout baffle makes simple work out of leaves.

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