When do you see the spike?

Don M.

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In calls that is. Quite frankly I've been disappointed with response so far.

We sent out 20,000 valpak coupons for this service this year (this kind of coupon rocked for our pressure washing business) Last year, our first year, our website got us over 70 calls, but I didnt write down when those calls occured.

The few calls I have got have been tire kickers. I go out meet with them, take pictures, design it up, and they fall over in a financial heart attack. This one guy I've had enough. 220 ft of roofline I priced at $1375. The house is 5000 sq ft. He wants two 30ft trees done as well. I priced those seperate. I write everything up, and he goes "Last year I had the roof installed for $325". No way. So I told him I would work on my numbers and get back to him. I have not yet. But basically I am going to tell him to call his installer back from last year.

And I'm going to have my sec. tell everybody on the phone we have a $500 min. That should cut down on the running.

On top of it all my local supplier is already out of C7 bulbs. Wont have anymore in until Monday. I've got a job to hang on Friday. LOL

I'll buy him out as soon as they come in.


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Bellevue, NE
Well as being in our first full season full bore and becoming a HBL member we have done what I see as a pretty good advertising program that we came up with. We've done a few bids and priced everything out accordingly. The call backs are...I love your products but we just can't afford it this year. Ok I'll just keep pushing on and hope it will come.


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Joliet, IL
Last year it was the mid November, for me. I think mostly because our advertising all hit the last week of October and Beginning of November. This year I think we may have spiked all ready. We advertised early, end of September and all of October. The weather got very cold mid October here in Illinois and leaves dropped, I think it got the ball rolling sooner. We've probably had 5-6 hundred hits on the web site and 60 calls, 1/3 dropped via phone qualification. 30-40 appointments and 18 or so new jobs. I have 3-4 appointments for next week and working on follow ups, but we are almost booked for the season.

As for time wasters. I try to do every thing in one 30 min appointment, I first walk the property with the customer and show product, take measurements and then write up proposal in a 6 page glossy presentation packet I discuss and leave with homeowners. only 10% pull the trigger on the spot. Smaller jobs finalization can be done by email, or mail, but any thing over 1000 gets a second appointment.