When do you think it's time to call it quits? For good.

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by KathysLGC, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. KathysLGC

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    I'm just tired of spending a lot to make a little bit. I have a day job which perhaps has held me back a bit but I can't leave it. I was promoted and i am not finally making over 50K plus I have been really think of going to school to be a RN. Around here the Salery for RN's start at about 60K.

    I'm just tired of working 8-5 to only go home at 5 and load the trailer up to go mow then come home at 8pm. I only see my young kids in the morning before work then when i get home and put my stuff away they're sleeping. I don't even have diner with them.

    I have nearly new equipment and I just can't let some one run the business for me because i have no one reliable who I can trust.

    Schooling to be an RN is about a 3-4 year course. I know the hours will be 12 hour shifts but to work 3 days a week would be nice.

    So to those that quit and still come here or those that are thinking about hanging it up, what where or are you reasons for doing so?
  2. MarcSmith

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    I hated working two jobs....i was working full time landscaping and then my side business every other hour pf available daylight. as soon as i was working as many hours as i could I knew then it was time to take the leap the of faith and slug it out on my own. If all you are looking for is money, why not get in to computers...I for one would hate to work 3 twelve hour shifts and then the rest of the 4 days out running around cutting grass...you going to send yourself to an early grave. burning at both ends like that.

    so if you go to school for an Rn, you would be doing regular work, nightschool, plus your side work....you'll never see your kids...Its the main reason I left TGLC....too many hours money was great but money won't buy back the time I missed seeing my kid grow up....
  3. Marcos

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    You're almost exactly the same age I was 10 years ago when I was asking many of the same questions myself !!!

    At that time I was involved in a fert / mowing partnership that was going downhill fast!
    My partner, a friend since high school, was being eaten alive by beer and drugs. And his family was in shambles...:cry:

    So one dreaded February morning in 1997 my hand was forced...to take over the business and to give my buddy the money he needed for rehab, court expenses, etc.
    It was either that or sell it out completely...and I had been very close to going back to finish my masters at Wright State U for secondary education earth science.

    Do I have regrets ?
    But not on nice sunny days! :)

    At 33 you've got to listen to your heart, yes, but you've also got to recognize the things that your family's going to need from you down the road as you all grow older.
  4. PLM-1

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    My SO works 5pm-5am wed-sat. it is the worst schedule. doesn't get up until 3pm so basically we see each other on Monday and Tuesday when I'm not working; otherwise, it's phone only. We only sleep in the same bed for 1-2 hours a night which i guess doesn't matter because one of us is always asleep. We are both Realtors as well, well, me basically. I work more hours than you can shake a stick at. I get less sleep and do more things.

    What I'm getting at is odd hours/schedules is very hard on a relationship/family. It's like you aren't together/married. This schedule got old the 2nd day. The holidays were nice together but now it's back to the regularly scheduled nightmare.
  5. IA_James

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    If you're not seeing your family, and you want to do something else, then bail. Even if you hate being inside, a 3 day work week leaves you 4 days to hang out in the great outdoors. Split if you don't like it, and don't deprive your children of a father.
  6. KathysLGC

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    I see you guys can see where i'm coming from. I love landscaping but i'm all alone. Good honest help is hard to find. At time i just want to trade my stuff in and buy old scags or bobcats and let a bunch of illegals run the show while i collect like some of the other LCO's do around here but if i'm gonna do something, i want to do it right. I'm a father of 3 on my second marriage. i had 3 kids with my first wife. At time I do feel like i'm not around enough for my wife. If i was to go to night school it would be a bit different. Although yes for the first few years of school i would be doing the same long hours but once i was able to do a residency, I'd be able to see them more and actually raise them like i should be. I've seen some here hang it up for many reasons and i often take it personal because i feel their pain. I've already started to get an inventory spread sheet together with all my stuff along with prices.
  7. willjones4

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    Like you said-it will be the same for the first three-four years-how old will your kids be by then? You might not even like being a nurse. Are you a people person? Are you able to take people bitching at you and being at someone's beck and call for 12 hours at a time? That's nursing-ask around or google "I hate nursing". There's good money to be made in nursing but very little freedom. You dont have to get illegals to run your op. Go to an empoyment agency and use them, hell go to the halfway houses and ask there, too. Those people are wanting to make a good impression and they dont take things for granted. I worked several guys from one back in the mid-90's -never had better help. All Im saying is dont fall outta the frying pan into the fire...
  8. IA_James

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    That's the most important thing. If your kids are little now, you won't ever have the opportunity to just saddle up and go fishing, go to the store, look at bugs, "help" work on cars, when they want to vs. when they're not in school.
  9. topsites

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    The problem, from what I can see is you are living above and beyond your means.

    Because what you speak of is not the real issue, the real issue is so long you can not live within your means you will have to continue working two jobs, and it is also why you can't leave your real world job. Fact is if 50g a year is not enough then neither is 200,000, you might think it is but then I live on 12,000, imagine these contrasts if you will... The trick and the idea is to spend less than you earn, so you can put money aside, and so on.

    My suggestion is to start cutting expenses, then start saving, a budget would likely be helpful.
    You may wish to attend some counseling, I believe the county usually has programs set up for this, all it takes is time, you'll want to study up on how to live within what you're making. I call it frugal living, there might be other terms for it.

    Then once you get that straight it's not over, ultimately you'll have to survive on far less, but that would be a start.
  10. schunklawn

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    personal opinion...you have to invest a lot of time and energy to make this type of business profitable. if you can only mow for a few hours here and there i would most likely say hang it up. If you really enjoy doing this type of work then you should work part time for a different lco or work on coming up with a business plan that will allow you to go full time with it. it is too much of a cluster and hard work to only be able to invest a little bit of time into this business. good luck with your decision. just my $.02.

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